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Kathy Muldoon, CFP® receives CFT’s 2019 Vester Hughes Award

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Kathy Muldoon, CFP® receives CFT’s 2019 Vester Hughes Award

Honored for Dedicated and Outstanding Service to Our Community

Kathy Muldoon, CFP®, Senior Vice President at Carter Financial Management was the recipient of CFT’s 2019 Vester Hughes Award. The 2019 award recognizes Kathy Muldoon as an outstanding professional advisor for her contributions to CFT’s mission of growing philanthropy in the region; for her devotion to assisting clients with charitable giving; her deep personal commitment to charitable causes; and her thoughtful mentorship of fellow advisors in the field of philanthropy.

View photos from the 2019 Vester Hughes Award Ceremony

I am honored to receive this prestigious award in honor of Vester Hughes, one of Dallas’ most dedicated and beloved philanthropic leaders,” says Kathy.  “I am proud that the work I do makes a difference for those transitioning through major life changes and allows them to continue supporting the worthwhile causes in which they strongly believe.” – Kathy Muldoon, 2019 Vester Hughes Award recipient

Dave Scullin, CFT’s President/CEO, presents Kathy Muldoon with the 2019 Vester Hughes Award


Kathy exemplifies the qualities of integrity, generosity and compassion that are the guiding principles that embody the legacy of Vester Hughes. We celebrate Kathy as a champion of Vester’s spirit, and for her longstanding commitment to the betterment of our community.

- Dave Scullin, President/CEO

About Kathy Muldoon

Our 2019 honoree, Kathy Muldoon, has over 35 years of experience as a financial professional. She serves individuals, families, and businesses with a focus on transition planning and is nationally recognized for her work in this area. Her well-established financial planning practice reflects deep experience in legacy and charitable planning as well as portfolio strategies for wealth management. Kathy has generously shared her knowledge with new generations of planners by teaching financial planning certification programs at both the University of Dallas and Southern Methodist University.

Kathy’s Community Involvement Journey

At our 2019 Vester Hughes Award Ceremony event, Kathy shared that her charitable journey began with watching her father, who helped others in the ways that he could; by emptying his pockets to an outstretched hand, standing up for a neighbor caught up in Korean War political crossfire, to helping farm worker families. “We learn from what we see, and then we do what we have learned,” said Kathy.

Kathy’s own community service began when her daughter was ill, and she wanted to help similar children.

Soon after, her whole family began helping with a nonprofit her late husband co-founded called Trinity Works, whose mission and services are now carried on through City Square.

“We all worked at Trinity: our kids drove the food truck, cleaned facilities, painted apartments, served food, and learned that what links us all is our common humanity. My colleagues from Carter Financial also joined us in service. Carter Financial walked with us when we Marched for Dimes and later when we worked together at Trinity Works to serve the homeless whose voices are still often not heard,” remembered Kathy.

“As the years went by, I had gotten pretty good at asking for volunteers. What I didn’t know yet was how important it would be also to be asked,” she shared, detailing the numerous times her shoulder was tapped; ‘I have a job for you’ was a phrase Kathy heard frequently throughout her decades of service.

A true servant leader, Kathy has provided philanthropic guidance to numerous nonprofit organizations with their missions through planned giving, investments and fund development. Community service is a priority for Kathy, and she has shared her expertise and provides leadership for organizations including: The Catholic Diocese of Dallas, The Catholic Foundation, Cistercian Preparatory School, Jesuit Preparatory School, Parkland Hospital Foundation, The Financial Planning Association (FPA),  The Dallas Foundation and Communities Foundation of Texas.

“The message in my journey is to not be afraid to ask those whom you know or maybe even don’t know well, but are bright and willing, for their involvement, even if you think it could be a stretch. Ask a young person – we need to grow such servant leaders, and to ask before they are really all the way ready. Take that chance…Ask. Each of the individuals that said, ‘I have a job for you’ asked and I thank them for the gift of deepening and enriching my community life by asking for engagement,” said Kathy.

“Our job is to leave this place better than we found it and to do just a bit more than we think we can.” Kathy noted how this has been modeled through her family generations: her father gave and they saw, her children saw and now encourage service in their own children.

In Kathy’s closing, she addressed the hundreds in attendance who were there to celebrate her generosity, many of whom she has volunteered with and served alongside. “As I look around the room, I see many other ‘Vesters.’ The amount of community engagement and creativity in this room is inspiring,” she noted, detailing many of the issues the attendees in the room were working to improve. “You are sturdy citizens and tonight, really, I recognize you and your walk in the tall shadows of Vester Hughes and Jack Kinnebrew.”

Event speakers pictured from left to right: Dave Scullin, Kathryn McGill, Michael Earsing, Rev. Katherine Glaze Lyle, Kathy Muldoon, Bill Carter, David Krause and Monica Egert Smith

View photos from the 2019 Vester Hughes Award Ceremony

The celebratory evening was filled with inspirational stories of Kathy’s leadership and impact on the nonprofits and individuals she served. Of her relationship with CFT, Kathy noted, “For many years, I have relied on CFT for their excellence in vetting local nonprofits, for partnering so smoothly on our joint client gift plans, for offering excellent continuing education for advisors, and more.”

We’re so proud to partner with you, Kathy!

With Appreciation

Kathy Muldoon is a committed, knowledgeable board member who always manages to elicit a high degree of participation from her fellow board members. – Michael Earsing, President, Jesuit Dallas Preparatory School

Kathy: Your commitment to all that you do, whether professionally or philanthropically, is exemplary and touches so many lives, many of whom you will never know. I am so proud to know you. You have been a wise professional mentor to me and to so many others since the early days and for that I am most grateful! – Kalita Blessing, CFP®, CAP®, AEP®, Quest Capital Management

History of the Vester Hughes Award

The legacy and giving spirit of the late Vester T. Hughes, Jr. lives on through CFT’s Vester Hughes Award

The Vester Hughes Award was established by Communities Foundation of Texas in 2017 to honor individuals who most embody the giving spirit of the late, respected tax lawyer, Vester T. Hughes, Jr. (May 24, 1928-January 29,2017).

With a deep empathy for charitable causes, Vester first began working with CFT in 1958 and served as CFT’s general counsel or senior tax counsel for over 50 years, providing guidance to grow CFT into national prominence. Also, as legal counsel for Will Caruth, Jr., Vester helped create the W.W. Caruth, Jr. Fund at Communities Foundation of Texas, which continues to grant millions of dollars to the community to improve education, health and public safety.

“Vester Hughes was the embodiment of integrity, generosity and compassion,” said Dave Scullin, President and CEO of Communities Foundation of Texas. “Vester was vital to determining how CFT could best serve our region, and CFT is committed to preserving his legacy while honoring those who exemplify his spirit by being personally committed to the betterment of our community.”

Jack M. Kinnebrew, of Strasburger & Price, LLP, received the first Vester Hughes Award in 2017.

Carolyn A. Newham, J.D.
Carolyn A. Newham, J.D.
General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

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