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CFT’s Capacity-Building Offerings

Capacity-building opportunities for nonprofits

Our capacity-building offerings provide nonprofit leaders with tools, knowledge, support, and networks to continue to make forward progress, even in challenging times.


CFT has a strong commitment to supporting nonprofits so they can operate with excellence and make a positive impact in our communities. Our capacity-building offerings provide nonprofit leaders with tools, knowledge, support, and networks to continue to make forward progress, even in challenging times.Recognizing that we have all experienced a period of unprecedented change, CFT is continuing our capacity-building Resilience Series with support from Fidelity Charitable.This program is organized around the following four pillars:
BUILD-icon-(2).png BUILD– sharpening the tools of social entrepreneurship to navigate change with agility and internal alignment
CARE-icon-(2).png CARE– centering the wellbeing of nonprofit leaders and staff so teams can effectively care for others
INFLUENCE-icon-(2).png INFLUENCE– shifting the narrative from deficit- to asset-based language to attract sustainable resources
GROW-icon-(2).png GROW– convening networks of sector and place-based leaders to accelerate the rate of social change.
We strongly believe that information alone does not lead to lasting organizational change. Because of that, these opportunities are being designed to include information sharing, distribution of tools, and access to coaching support so that the knowledge gained is actionable.We will announce more details about our capacity-building offerings on an ongoing basis throughout the year. Sign up here for updates or check the program listing below for an overview of our upcoming capacity-building offerings.Past Capacity-Building Offerings & Resources 

SMU’s certificate program in Social Entrepreneurship, powered by Communities Foundation of Texas.

This set of courses was designed to revolutionize approaches from the inside out for:

  • a nonprofit, government, or corporate leader
  • a leader of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and/or social impact initiatives
  • an individual passionate about making a difference in the world

This certificate course equipped cohort members with the knowledge and tools needed to think like a social entrepreneur and pursue ideas and innovative solutions created with community at the center.

Quad – Technology Education Program

As an opportunity for applicants to grow their knowledge base and make the most of their technology systems, we are partnering with TechSoup to offer a technology education program called Quad. We know that one of the greatest challenges to implementing and maximizing tech resources is expertise. Selected agencies will receive 10 one-year licenses for their staff, board, or volunteers, providing access to various tools. Tools include:

  • A catalogue of over 170 courses dedicated to helping agencies adapt technology to support their mission
  • Digital Assessment Tool
  • Individual call with TechSoup expert to discuss unique tech challenges and opportunities
  • Dedicated community space among a North Texas cohort where agencies can join others who have similar challenges, find answers, and share knowledge
  • Curated knowledge base featuring an array of resources, templates, and solutions.
  • Dedicated support from TechSoup professionals over phone, chat, or email
  • Reduced admin fees for products and services available in the TechSoup catalog

Social Entrepreneurship Series

Social entrepreneurship started three decades ago with a simple question: are we making enough of a difference? That question has led to the start of a whole new way of doing good. Like learning a new language, social entrepreneurship requires a shift in mindset as well as new ways of working.

Join us as we explore social entrepreneurship as a means to more impactful societal change. This series is for anyone in the social sector or with a desire to make a difference in their community to have a greater social impact.

Financial Planning Workshop Series: January 20, 27; February 3, 2022

This three-week online workshop series – facilitated by Elizabeth Searing, Ph.D., CNP, Assistant Professor of Public and Nonprofit Management at University of Texas at Dallas – focused on providing small to medium sized organizations with a knowledge of financial management skills, specifically focused on change and crisis management.

Asset-Based Framing Workshop with Trabian Shorters: March 3, 2022

TRABIAN-Shorters-Headshot_web.jpgTrabian Shorters is one of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs.
He is a retired tech entrepreneur, New York Times bestselling author, and former vice president of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation where he was responsible for $300M in active grants and endowments in 26 US cities.

Asset-Framing equips its practitioners to have far greater social impact, raise more money, engage broader populations, and make fundamentally stronger cases for equity and systems-change.

Building Lasting Resilience through Data: April 27, 2022

As a part of the Resilience Capacity Building Series, CFT sponsored a four-hour interactive workshop, facilitated by CNM (formerly known as the Center for Nonprofit Management).

An organization’s ability to thrive depends on its capacity to strengthen its programs and enhance development. Effective use of data is critical to achieving those aims.

Through interactive presentations and hands-on activities, co-led by CNM evaluators and nonprofit leaders, participants learned strategies on how to use data to enhance their programs and create a meaningful, measurable impact on the community and populations served.

Cultivating a Culture of Wellbeing @ Work Resources


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