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Orchid Giving Circle and Village Giving Circle Join Communities Foundation of Texas

Orchid Giving Circle and Village Giving Circle Join Communities Foundation of Texas

Orchid Giving Circle and Village Giving Circle Join Communities Foundation of Texas

Communities Foundation of Texas is thrilled to share that two local giving circles, the Orchid Giving Circle and the Village Giving Circle, have joined hands with Communities Foundation of Texas to build thriving communities.

In celebration of this new and expanded partnership, CFT is offering an opportunity for new donors to the Orchid Giving Circle and Village Giving Circle to earn matching dollars for each giving circle. Communities Foundation of Texas will match all new donations, dollar for dollar, to the Orchid Giving Circle and Village Giving Circle up to $50,000 (a $25,000 match is available for each).

“Communities Foundation of Texas seeks to grow community giving and expand community impact. Similar to the concept of CFT’s North Texas Giving Day, we believe in the impact of collective giving models and the power of pooling resources to address unmet needs,” said Wayne White, President and CEO of Communities Foundation of Texas. “These two growing organizations have a longstanding commitment to investing in our community, and we’re grateful to partner with them to double the impact of those who support their efforts. In addition to supporting their technical platforms and grantmaking, CFT will also provide the Giving Circles with access to our local philanthropic expertise to further amplify their efforts,” said White.

Giving circles are a growing global movement. According to Philanthropy Together, there are now more than 2,500 active circles around the world giving intentionally and thoughtfully. Giving circles bring together people with shared values to collectively discuss and decide where to make pooled gifts. Giving circles support with their dollars, but also build awareness, volunteer, become board members and more.

About the Village Giving Circle

The Village Giving Circle was founded in 2017 by nine Black women who believed that they had the power to help transform our community by investing collective resources in organizations and initiatives that positively impact the Black community. The goal was simple: encourage philanthropy among African-American women and combine financial contributions to help local organizations address unmet needs. They now have more than 75 members who help further their mission to elevate our community and expand the legacy of giving that has existed for generations among Black women.

They focus on honoring, sustaining, and expanding the legacy of Black women’s philanthropy by funding organizations and initiatives that positively impact the Black community across North Texas. Their grant focus areas include arts and culture, education, economic security, social services, health, and youth services. They’ve supported more than 30 nonprofits since their launch, with more than $1.3 million in grants awarded. Recent grantees include Abide Women’s Health Services, Mercy Street, I am a Golfer Foundation, Bold Idea, Promise House, G.O.L.F. 3:1, New Friends New Life, and more.

“The Village Giving Circle harnesses the collective giving power and influence of African-American and Black women philanthropists to fund nonprofits doing work that benefits Black communities,” said Rhonda Williams, Ph.D., Chair of the Village Giving Circle. “Our circle is a village built through a sisterhood of giving. Each act, each contribution, is a thread that binds us together in a shared purpose — to uplift, empower, and make a positive impact. We seek to multiply the force of positive change.”

About the Orchid Giving Circle

Led by local Asian women and founded in 2015, the Orchid Giving Circle works to increase awareness of the local Asian population, community needs, and knowledge about philanthropy. They support the Asian-American community in North Texas through grants, community leadership, and fundraising events.

The Orchid Giving Circle is comprised of a group of dedicated South, East, and Southeast Asian women, working together to support social change and services for the North Texas Asian community. They believe in collaboration and positively inspiring each other while effecting beneficial change through the power of collective giving. Their grant focus areas include education, domestic violence, healthcare, arts and culture, and social services. They prioritize supporting nonprofits that empower women and girls and place an emphasis on funding female-led organizations.

In the last nine years, Orchid raised $1.7 million and awarded grants to more than 40 organizations around the state. In 2023 alone, Orchid members raised a record $376,688 and awarded grants to 22 nonprofits local to northern Texas. Recent grantees include: Asian Pacific Islander American Scholars, Best Buddies, Mosaic Family Services, Scholar Shot, Texas Muslim Women’s Foundation, and more.

“The Orchid Giving Circle is a growing Asian sisterhood that provides grants and fosters philanthropy primarily within and for the North Texas Asian community,” said Mylinh Luong, Chair of the Orchid Giving Circle. “We’re thrilled to join forces with Communities Foundation of Texas to support our fundraising and grantmaking.”

Boski Sharma, CAP<sup>®</sup>
Boski Sharma, CAP®
Director, Donor Relations

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