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Fund Listing

We manage 1,300+ charitable funds for individuals, families, and businesses.

Benefits of creating a charitable fund at CFT:
  • Stay personally involved in grantmaking
  • Incur fewer administrative burdens and cost
  • Maximum tax benefits — more than a private foundation
  • Invest with over 1,300 other component funds and more than $1.5 billion in assets
  • Donate diverse types of assets
  • Bring strategy and structure to your giving
  • Utilize our staff to support your charitable giving goals
  • Receive one tax receipt
Maximum Impact
  • Leverage our community experts who review more than 5,000 nonprofit grants annually
  • Benefit from due diligence conducted on every nonprofit of interest
  • Use the Giving Guide, a resource for making gifts to local nonprofits for targeted projects

Browse our listing of over 1,000+ charitable funds held at CFT.

  • Donor-Advised Funds
  • Designated Funds
  • Scholarship Funds
  • Discretionary Funds
  • Nonprofit Agency Funds
  • Cause-Related
  • Fiscal Sponsorships

Donor-Advised Funds

2-X1 Charities Fund
4400 Fund
5501 Columbia Art Center Endowment Fund
7-Eleven People Who Read Achieve Fund
A. Mardes Clayton, III and Nancy W.Clayton Fund
AMI Montessori Trainer Endowment Fund
ARK House Fund
Accelerate Gives Foundation Fund
Addison Rotary Club/Wallace Wade Endowment Fund
Adi Foundation Fund
Ahava Ministries Fund
Aidan P. Salmon Memorial Fund
Allen and Barbara Dogger Fund
Allison Cassens Endowment Fund
Allyson Bohannon Goldman Memorial Fund
Alvira and Leslie Moch Fund
Amarr Garage Door Fund
Ambrosia Fund
American Judicature Society>Elmo B. Hunter Fund
Amy and Brandon Bean Family Foundation Fund
Amy and David Moore Charitable Fund
Anderson Family Fund
Andy and Sabina Stern Family Fund
Ann and Dale Petroskey Family Fund
Annadele H. Ross Fund
Anne Schoellkopf Coke and Henry C. Coke, III Fund
Anne and Alan Feld Fund
Annie's Fund
Anthony Family Fund
Antonia de Jongh Memorial Foundation Fund
Ashish & Mona Khanna Family Charitable Gift Fund
Aventiv Technologies Community Impact Fund
Avery Elizabeth Hall Fund
BCD Fund
Badmus Family Charity Fund
Bankhead Fund
Barbara and Jeff Miller Family Fund
Barrett Family Foundation Fund
Barrie Oppenheimer Charitable Fund
Barth Family Fund
Bassham Family Fund
Beeks Higdon Family Fund
Benjamin Stacy Smith Fund
Berry R. Cox Family Foundation Fund
Betty Moss Olmsted and Robert M. Olmsted Memorial Fund
Beverly McCombs Charitable Fund
Beyond Borders Fund
Bill's Fund
Billingsley Family Fund
Binnui Fund
Bishkin Rivin Family Foundation Fund
Blake and Allison Bowen Family Fund
Bonnie Bass Smith Fund
Boogie Blackwell Charitable Fund
Boone Pickens Foundation-A Communities Foundation of Texas Fund
Boxer Family Charitable Fund
Bret C. Young Memorial Fund
Brian Beverley Fund
Brinker Family Funds
Brodsky-Schneidler Family Fund
Brook and Laura Smith Family Fund
Bruce W. Williams Fund
Bruce and Lou Deelaney Family Fund
Bryan F. (Buck) and Kelly C. Smith Fund
Buchanan Family Fund
Buford Foundation Fund
Bull Family Fund
Burr Oaks Fund
Byron Nelson Golf Excellence Fund
C.W. and Dorothy Anne Conn Fund
CFC Fund
CRS Fund for Parkinson's Reaserch
Callahan Family Fund
Camp New Horizon Fund
Campbell Family Fund
Carl and Dixon Glaze Fund
Carmen M. and Ludwig A. Michael Fund
Carol and Henry Groppe Fund
Carole A. Watters Fund
Carole L. and Dale T. Walter Fund
Carolyn and Denton Newham Fund
Carter Creech Fund
Carter Family Fund
Cece Smith Lacy and John Ford Lacy Fund
Chalk Ridge Charitable Fund
Charles Gill and Carolyn G. Morgan Fund
Charles S. and Ruth C. Sharp Fund
Charles and Pat Morgan McEvoy Charitable Trust Fund
Charlotte W. and Joseph W. Geary Fund II
Charlotte W. and Joseph W. Geary Fund III
Charlotte W. and Joseph W. Geary Fund IV
Charlotte W. and Joseph W. Geary Fund V
Charlton-Cole Family Fund
Cheryl Wyly Fund
Children's Fund for Others Endowment Fund
Chrismark Family Foundation
Christopher Charitable Fund
Christopher and Donna Young Fund
Chuck and Joan Hensley Family Fund
Church Endowment Fund
Claire M. Erdman Fund
Clayton Rollins Snyder Foundation Fund
Clint Cleveland Memorial Scholarship Fund
CoVerica Cares Fund
Cody McArthur Wikert Fund
Common Cents Fund
Communities in Schools of North Texas Fund
Constance Kleinert Babikian and Nicholas Joseph Babikian Philanthropic Fund
Constantin Foundation Fund
Cook Family Charitable Fund
Copple Family Charitable Fund
Corrine and Tom Greco Fund
Corson Family Fund
Cotton Bowl Foundation Fund
Court Family Fund
Courtney Cameron Memorial Fund
Craig and Julie Beale Family Fund
Crest Foundation Fund
Cynthia R. and J. Thomas Mitchell Fund
DMB/Dr. Frank E. Elliott Scholarship Fund
Dallas Tzedakah Fund
Dan and Gena Hamilton Fund
Dana and Quin Gerard Family Fund
Daniel B. and Mary P. Stuart Family Fund
Daniel L. and Cheryl L. Brackeen Fund
Darrell H. Hamric, Jr. Fund
Dave and Susan Scullin Fund
David G. Luther, Jr. Fund
David G. and Mary Fox Fund
David J. and Carol C. Powell Fund
David and Susan Smith Family Fund
Daya-Dãna Fund
Dean and Billye Libby Charitable Fund
Dedman Dietz Foundation Fund
Dedman Dietz Foundation Fund
Delores and William Jones Fund
Denise and Dustin Marshall Charitable Fund
Denny and B.R. Holman Fund
Denson Family Fund
Desai Family Charitable Fund
Dianne and Jack Adleta Foundation Fund
Dillavou Family Charitable Fund
Don M. and Kathryn B. Houseman Fund
Donald E. and Susan D. Smith Fund
Donald J. and Linda J. Carter Fund
Donald and Barbara Zale Family Fund
Donald and Dorothy Fitch Fund
Dorothea Leonhardt Fund
Doug and Laura Wheat Charitable Fund
Dr. Jim Beckett Fund
Dr. Jo Margaret Williams Youth Concert Foundation Memorial Fund
Dr. Sig Memorial Fund
Dyer Family Foundation Fund
Edith Baker Arts and Education Fund
Eighth Summit Fund
Elaine Williams Myers Fund
Elisa Margaret Hill Fund
Elizabeth Pauly Memorial Fund
Elizabeth W. and Jeffrey J. Walter Fund
Ellen M. Gray Fund
Ellen W. Noel Family Fund
Ellen and Alan Barker Fund
Eller Family Charitable Fund
Elnora Cook Memorial Fund
Emily Wyly Fund
Enrique and Lucia Marroquin Charitable Fund
Eric and Jeannie Nadel Charitable Fund
Erica and Eric Denton Family Fund
Fallen Family Fund
Farren Foundation Fund
Fibromyalgia Association of Texas, Inc. Fund
Finley Ewing Fund
First Serve Fund
Florence Shapiro Fund
For the Table Charitable Fund
Forest Forward Fund
Fort Worth / Dallas Economic Development Fund
Fox Family Fund
Frances and Jack Brown Fund
Francesca Anne Hall Fund
Frank DaCosta Fund
Freeman Family Fund
FreshInk Gives Fund
Friends of Rosie & Winnie
Friendship Fund
Fudzie Family Fund
Fuller Family Fund
G. Philip Huey Charitable Fund
G. Ray Miller Fund
GGG Charitable Fund
GSI Fund
Gabriella Houston Hall Fund
Gail Schoellkopf Family Fund
Gary and Rosie Walker Gift Fund
Gayden Family Fund
George Adeline and Jules H. Fine Fund
George E. Haddaway Educational Fund
George and Anne Ellis Fund
George and Eleanor Jones Fund
George and Fonsa Brody Charitable Fund
Gibbs Family Fund
Gifford and Carol Touchstone Fund
Glosser Family Foundation Fund
Grace Fund
Graham Family Foundation Fund
Granville C. and Gladys H. Morton Fund
Grateful Hearts Foundation Fund
H. L. Hunt Fund
H.H. and Anne J. Stewart Fund
Hafner Silverman Charitable Fund
Haley Michelle Hall Fund
Hall Arts Restaurant Fund
Hammer Pomberg Family Fund
Hatcher E. Chalkley Fund
Hawkins Family Fund
Hawthorne Family Community Fund
Hazel's Hot Shot Employee Giving Fund
Heart of Neiman Marcus Foundation Fund
Heather Hunt Family Philanthropic Fund
Heather Victoria Hill Fund
Helen E. and Frank A. Risch Community Philanthropic Fund
Heskes Family Fund
Hill & Wilkinson Cares Fund
Historical Park of Denton County Fund
Holly and Carlos G. Peña Family Fund
Horn Family Charitable Fund
Horticultural Printers Scholarship in Memory of Harold and Beky Vanberg Fund
Howard A. Sobel and Geraldine Willens Sobel Fund
Hughes Foundation
HumCap Fund
Hunsaker Family Fund
ITKO Charitable Fund
Independent Insurance Agents of Dallas Foundation Fund
Ingram Family Legacy Fund
Ivor and Mildred Wold Charitable Fund
J.C. and Kaye Harrington Fund
J.D. Gremm Charitable Fund
J.R. and Rachael Preston Family Fund
JDA Engineering Endowment Fund
JHG Texas Fund for Nursing Scholarships
Jack Ford Shelby Family Fund
Jack Lowe Foundation Fund
Jack M. and Carole V. Kinnebrew Fund
Jack and Jane Hamilton Fund
Jack and Mary Lowe Fund
Jackie and Charles Solomon Fund
Jakobus Richter Jordaan Fund
James A. and Angie D.B. Keeley Fund
James C. Whittington, M.D. Foundation Funds
James L. Lozier, Jr. and Rebecca M. Lozier Fund
Jamie Hamrick Fund
Jane Ann Workman Permanent Endowment Fund
Jane Harrell and Charles Curry Pierce, Jr. Fund
Janet Spencer Shaw Fund
Jarma Family Fund for Alzheimer's Research
Jarma Family Fund for Lovers Lane United Methodist Church
Jarma Family Fund for Rheumatoid Arthritis Research
Jas. W. and Patricia J. Porter Fund
Jean H. and John T. Walter, Jr. Fund
Jeanne Shelby Fund for Cancer Research
Jeffrey and Carrie Hatfield Charitable Fund
Jennifer and James Lincoln Fund
Jennifer and Jon Mosle Fund
Jenson Family Foundation Fun
Jerry W. Freeman Jr. Fund
Jody Young Charitable Fund
Jody and Sheila Grant Fund
Joe and Alfreda Borden Norman Fund
Joel and Betty Lu Williams Fund
John C. and Barbara Franklin Endowment Fund
John C. and Barbara Franklin Fund
John H. Rexford Family Fund
John P. and Jane K. Wilson Fund
John R. Murrell Fund
John S. Brown, Jr. Fund
John T. and Margaret Sharpe Fund
John Victor Lattimore Fund
John and Deborah Scott Family Fund
John and Ellen McStay Fund
John and Lavid Tabor Charitable Fund
Jonathan Lee Raleigh Charitable Fund
Joyce Family Giving Fund
Judy C. Odom Fund
Julie and George Tobolowsky Family Fund
Julie and Ken Hersh Charitable Fund
Julie and Tim Smith Charitable Fund
June A. and Peter G. McGuire Fund
Kalae Hooper Giving Fund
Kao and Stettler Community Investment Fund
Karen and Gene Friedman Charitable Fund
Katherine and Eric Reeves Foundation
Kathy and Bill White Fund
Katie Robbins and Family Fund
Keith and Keeley Hennington Family Fund
Kellam Alexander Hall Fund
Kelley A. Murrell Fund
Kelly Wyly Elliott Fund
Kelly and Scott Piland Charitable Fund
Ken and Lisa Miller Family Fund
Kendall Family Charitable Fund
Kenneth R. Craighead, Jr. and Steven L. Green Fund
Kevin Hardage Family Fund
KidChance Fund
Kim and Diane Buford Fund
Koshkin Family Donor Fund
Krish and Shuba Prabhu Family Fund
Kristin L. Brown Fund
L. Frank Pitts Fund
LaMaster Advise and Consult Fund
Ladenberger Family Fund
Lane Family Charitable Fund
Lane Family Philanthropic Fund
Larissa and Pepe Guevara Fund
Larry and Beverley Borchelt Memorial Fund
Laurie Wyly Matthews Fnd
Lawrence M. and Sally Brenner Wolfish Fund
Lawson Ridgeway Fund
Lee V. Williams Charitable Fund
Lehigh Ministries Fund
Leiser Family Fund
Lester A. Levy, Jr. Family Fund
Lift Foundation-The JoAnne Roosevelt Fund
Linda B. and John S. McFarland Fund
Linda C. Buford Fund
Lindsay and Brent Chaney Family Fund
Lindsey Bogel Fund
Lipshy Anniversary Fund
Lisa Lyn Wyly Fund
Lit Family Foundation
Live Like Luke Fund
Lon M. and Julie S. Houseman Fund
Lucas R. Shelton Philanthropy Fund
Lucile and Clarence Dragert Charitable Fund
Lupshire Foundation Fund
Lynn Murphy Crain Charitable Fund
Lynn and Kevin Caldwell Family Fund
Lynn's Kids Fund
Lynne and Allen Mabry Charitable Fund
Lyra and Ed Daniels Fund
M.A.K.E.S. Gift Fund
MacDowell Family Fund
Maclay Fund
Madeleine DeNecochea Hall Fund
Maggie Hood Fund
Maitri for All Fund
Majumder Fund for Hunger Relief
Make-a-Wish Foundation of North Texas Endowment Fund
March Family Charitable Fund
Marcia and Alphonso Jackson Fund
Margaret A. Davis Memorial Fund
Margaret K. Wells Fund
Margaret and Charles Black Fund
Margaret and Leon Walker Fund
Margretta Hill Wikert Fund
Marie Garrison Foundation Fund
Marilee and Richard Donaldson Fund
Mark T. and Carol Pierce Goglia Fund
Marsha and Craig Innes Fund
Martha and Don Miller Fund
Martin and Elizabeth Price Fund
Mary A. Watson Charitable Fund
Mary Anna Walker Sutherland Fund
Mary Carrel Vinson Fund
Mary Carter Crowley Family Fund
Mary H. and Jim R. Anderson Family Fund
Mary Kate and Jeff Mellow Fund
Mary Kay O'Connor Fund
Matrice Ellis-Kirk and Ron Kirk Charitable Fund
May Family Charitable Fund
Mayborn Award For Community Leadership Permanent Endowment Fund
McHenry and Lisa Tichenor Fund
McKissack Family Fund
McManemin Family Fund
McNarosa Fund
Mental Health Assistance Fund
Michael A. and Lynn G. O'Neil Family Fund
Michael Bush Wisenbaker, Jr. Fund
Michael J. Watters Fund
Michael and Angela Moss Family Foundation Fund
Michael and Debbie Rasa Foundation Fund
Michelle and Houston Hall Fund
Mickie and Jeff Bragalone Fund
Mills H. and John H. Walter Fund
Miriam M. and Harold S. Sternberg Fund
Molly Mullens Memorial Fund
Monica and Glenn Scott Fund
Montgomery Family Fund
More Love Foundation
Morgan Burford Smith Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Cook III Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Owen Brown Fund
Mr. and Mrs. George P. Cullum Jr. Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gilchrist Fund
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Hoyle Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Lucian Touchstone Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Payne, Jr. Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Miller Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. O'Toole Fund
Mr. and Mrs. W.S. Barron, Jr. Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Levy Fund
N of One: Autism Research Foundation
Nancy P. and John G. Penson Fund
Nancy S. and Jeremy L. Halbreich Charitable Fund
Nancy and Foster Poole Fund
Nancy and Foster Poole
Natalie and Patrick Brandt Family Fund
Natalie and S. L. Greenberg Fund
Neiman Marcus Charitable Fund
Norman and Mary Anne Luterman Fund
North Dallas Chamber of Commerce Foundation Fund
Novakov Family Fund
Nu Hope Children's Fund
Operation Opportunity Fund
Orthopedic Research Fund
Page and Elisabeth Johnson Fund
Partin Family Fund
Pat and Pete Schenkel Charitable Fund
Patricia Beckett Fund
Patricia and Buddy Susman Fund
Patrick Esquerre Fund
Patterson Family Foundation Fund
Pekowski Chartitable Fund
Penn-Corbitt Fund
Peter B. and Lynn g. Dauterman Family Fund
Peter R. Vig Fund
Peter and Lael Brodsky Endowment Fund
Phoebe and Russell H. Perry Fund
Phoebe and Russell Perry Endowment Fund for the SPCA of Texas
Phyllis Bernstein Charitable Fund
Pia Ackerman Philanthropic Fund
Pierce Grandchildren Fund
Pilot Club of Dallas Fund
Plauche Family Fund
Ponce Family Fund
Popolo Family Fund
Post Family Fund
Preston Hollow Women's Club Fund
Priddy Foundation Fund
Quisitive Employee Giving Fund
R&M Fisher Fund
RHSB Foundation Fund
Randy and Meagan Davis Fund
Ratliff Family Fund
Ray S. Rodgers, Jr., Family Giving Fund
Ray and Kay Bailey Hutchison Fund
Reading and Radio Resource
Rebecca Carroll Memorial Fund
Rednick Family Fund
Reggie and Beverly Garner Family Fund
Resnik Family Charitable Fund
Rhea and Julius Wolfram Fund
Richard A. (Ricky) Rudine Memorial Endowment Fund
Richard J. and Victoria T. Agnich Foundation Fund
Richard Sims Fund
Richard and Susan Rogers Charitable Gift Fund
Richardson Chamber of Commerce Charitable Fund
Rob and Betsy Borrego Fund
Robert E. and Jean Ann Titus Fund
Robert H. Dedman, Jr. Family Foundation Fund
Robert W. Newell Fund
Robert and Carolyn Cunningham Fund
Roberts Family Foundation Fund
Rod and Kathy Armstrong Fund
Rodger and Deborah Jones Fund
Rohleder Family Foundation Fund
Roots & Wings Fund
Roselle Tenorio and Devin Austin Fund
Ross and Rebecca Anthony Fund
Rotary Club of Park Cities Foundation Fund
Ruff Family Foundation Fund
Ryan Garcia Community Fund
SXSW Community Fund
Sallie Dickson Memorial Fund/Dallas Shakespeare Club Fund
Sally A.Schreiber Fund
Sam Marcus Charitable Fund
Sam Wyly Fund
Sam and Louise Layman Endowment Fund
Samson Wiener Fund
Samuel Gordon Smith Fund
Samuel P. and Joy E. Mitchell Fund
Sandra Lea Ray Charitable Fund
Sandra P. Cooper Fund
Sandy Nachman Fund
Sara Ann and Frank Korman Fund
Sarah L. Titus Fund
Scarbrough Foundation Fund
Scherrer Family Fund
Schulze Family Fund
Schwitter Family Fund
Scott Weaver and Jennifer Vo Charitable Fund
Sharon and David Gleeson Fund
Sheilds Legal Group Charitable Fund
Sherry Family Fund
Shuford Charitable Fund
Siloé Haiti Foundation Fund
Simpatica Fund
Skinner Family Fund
Slane Fund
Sommer Foundation Fund
Sonia King Charitable Fund
Spangler Gratiam Fund
Speese Family Charitable Fund
Spellings Charitable Fund
Stellarris Fund
Stephen L. McCord Family Fund
Stephens Family Fund
Stettler Family Fund
Steve and Linda Curts Family Fund
Steven M. and Vicki Smith Weinberg Endowment Fund
Susan and William R. Cooper Family Fund
Swaim Family Fund
Swan Smith Family Fund
Sweet Life Fund
Sydney Dickerson-Matthews Memorial Fund
Sydney Francina Jordaan Fund
T. B. and Dorothy Hudson Fund
T.C. Lupton, Jr. Family Foundation Fund
Tagg Family Fund
Tankersley Family Fund
Tanner Montgomery Charitable Fund
Tassopoulos Family Charitable Fund
Tech Titans Fund for STEM Partnerships
Ted Brizzolara & Kate Hopkins Giving Day Fund
Teherani Family Charitable Fund
Terry Lee McKinney, Jr. Tribute Fund
Thank you, Daddy Fund
The Astrid and Pat Merriman Family Fund
The Bacon Dickson Fund
The Betty and Rob Shiels Fund
The Blackwell Family Fund
The Bolton Fund
The Brian E. Williams Family Fund
The Brode Communities Fund
The Burnes/Defoyd Family Fund
The CFT Family Fund
The Capridge Fund
The Carver/Pemberton Fund
The Charles A. and Laura J. Ward Family Fund
The Charles R. Sitter Fund
The Clifford/Levy Family Fund
The Dallas Geological Society Educational Outreach Fund
The Darryl E. Brown and Jean Ann Powers Family Fund
The Dedman Foundation Fund
The Dickenson Family Fund
The Don and Debra Jarma Family Fund
The Donald H. and Sherrill Niederer Fund
The Eisemann Foundation Fund
The Elaine W. Gordon Charitable Fund
The Elliot Everett Wright Tsundoku Fund
The End-Right Family Foundation
The FIGHT Foundation Fund
The Family of Ruth Ray Hunt Philanthropic Fund
The Ford/Mullins Family Fund
The Gekiere Family Fund
The Gregg Family Fund
The Harvey and Rila Ladd Fund For Caring Concerns
The Headden Family Fund
The Heather Leigh Hunt Philanthropic Fund I
The Hegi Charitable Fund
The Hegi Grandchildren Fund
The Hidden Lantern Fund
The Irvin L. Levy Family Fund
The Josey-Gribble Family Fund
The Joy Fund
The Judge Elmo B. Hunter Memorial Fund
The Kevin and Alicia McGlinchey Family Fund
The Kleinert Family Philanthropic Fund
The Lerer Family Charitable Fund
The Lillian and Brett Kirstein Family Fund
The Lougee Family Fund
The Melchizedek Fund
The Michael W. and Nancy K. Hansen Fund
The Nancy Ann Hunt Philanthropic Fund
The Nancy Ann Hunt Special Fund
The O'Neill Family Fund
The Oxford Fund
The Perry Family Charitable Fund
The Phoenix Tree Fund
The Real Estate Council Foundation Fund
The Rinker Remnants Fund
The Robert and Nancy Dedman Foundation Fund
The Rosalie and Leo Wiman Fund
The Sarcoma Fund of the QuadW Foundation of Communities Foundation of Texas
The Smith Family Fund
The Smoking Elephant Fund
The Steve and Priscilla Shellenberger Family Fund
The Suzanne Slonim and Pam Gerber Fund
The Taylor Fund
The William and Susan Ragland Fund
The Williamson Family Fund
The Wilson Foundation Fund
The Wolf Family Fund
Thomas Family Fund
Thomas Wells Family Fund
Timothy and Susan Weil Family Giving Fund
Todd Abbott Memorial Fund
Tom and Beth Montgomery Charitable Fund
Tom and Laura Morris Charitable Fund
Travis Jackson Kleinert Philanthropic Fund
True BLUE Fund
Tut Charitable Fund
Tyler Christopher and Mackenzie Meyer Kleinert Philanthorpic Fund
Tyler and Jenny Russell Family Fund
Urban Logistics Realty Charitable Fund
V&S Legacy Fund for Education Access
Vinitia C. and Cecil L. Smith Fund
Wallace Legette Hall III Fund
Wallace and Sydney Hall Fund
Waller Family Fund
Wardlaw Family Fund
Wardlaw Grandchildren Fund
Weathermatic Foundation Fund
Weathers Family Charitable Fund
Weaver Family Fund
Wesley Hill Wisenbaker Fund
Whitaker Family Foundation Fund
William D. and Kristi S. Francis Charitable Fund
William Houston Hall Fund
William J. Liese and Mark R. Mobley Fund
William L. and Elnora Hardee Fund
William Stewart Smith Fund
William T. and Gay F. Solomon Fund
Wilson Family Fund
YTexas Foundation Fund
Yotides Charitable Fund
You Ling Lin Fund
Zugaro Family Fund

Designated Funds

Addison Legacy Foundation Fund
Aldredge House Preservation Fund
Allan Shivers Library and Museum Endowment Fund
Amy Louise Harris/Wills Point, TX Fund
Anice Read Endowment Fund
Anice Read Non-Endowment Fund
Annadele Ross Fund for Austin College
Arts Magnet Permanent Endowment Fund
Arts Magnet Scholarship Fund
Arts Magnet Special Projects Fund
Arts Magnet Student Enrichment Distribution Fund
Austin Independent School District Project Fund
Bayless-Selby House Endowment Fund
Beat Dystonia Fund
Bess W. Jones Memorial Fund
Big D Reads Fund
CSLDallas Legacy Endowment Fund
Calatrava Fountain Endowment Fund
Camp Rusk Foundation, Inc. Fund
Camp Summit Endowment Fund
Capt. Roy F. and Helen Hall Guild Fund
Carter/Crowley Student-Athlete Scholarship Fund at SMU
Caruth Police Institute Endowed Chair Fund
Charles and Pat Morgan McEvoy Fund for Baylor Scott and White Health
City of Dallas Emma Lazarus Resilience Fund
City of Dallas Latino Cultural Center Development Fund
City of Dallas Latino Cultural Center Endowment Fund
City of Dallas Latino Cultural Center Grand Opening Fund
City of Dallas Mayor's Safe Communities Initiatives Fund
City of Dallas Office of Community Care Fund
Clint Murchison, Jr. Fund
Coalition for Vision Fund
Collin County Historical Society Fund
Craft District Conservancy Fund
Crow Museum of Asian Art Fund
Crystal Charity Ball Fund for Pediatric Burn Patients
Cure RTD Foundation Fund
Custer Endowment for Scholarships Designated Fund
Cynthia T. and Stephen G. Barnett Fund
Dallas Area Partnership to End and Prevent Homelessness Fund
Dallas Black Dance Theatre Endowment Fund
Dallas Black Dance Theatre Fund
Dallas County COVID-19 Response Fund
Dallas Dinner Table Fund
Dallas Entrepreneur Network Fund
Dallas Morning News Charities/MacArthur Estate Fund
Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs Fund
Dallas Police Department Honor Guard
Dallas Police Department Museum Fund
Dallas Police Memorial Endowment Fund
Dallas Police Widows and Children Fund
Dallas SWAT Foundation Fund
Daniel C. Russell Fund
Dr. Eugene and Charlotte Bonelli Principal Timpani Chair Fund
Dunn Cemetery Association Fund
Eagle Oak Retreat Foundation Fund
Eddie Connor Case Museum Fund
Eddie V. Gray Wetlands Center Fund
Educating Young Entrepreneurs of North Texas Fund
Eisemann Center Capital Distribution Fund
Emmaus Fund
Entrepreneurs Foundation of North Texas Operating Fund
Environmental Conservation Education Fund
Erik Jonsson Statue Fund
Forest Forward Fund
Foundation for Brainhealth Advances Fund
Frankford Cemetery Association Fund
Frankford Cemetery Association Fund
Friends of Elder Citizens Fund
Friends of the Warren Ferris Cemetery Fund
Gladys Harrington Library Fund
Grad Resources Fund
Great Oak Lawn Fund
Grow South Community Fund
Habitat for Humanity of Collin County Endowment Fund
Harmony Science Charter Expansion Fund
Hendrick Scholarship Foundation Fund
Herbert Marcus Elementary School Fund
High Tech High Heels
Hispanic Youth Foundation
J.B. Edwards Education Fund
James A. Keeley DMN Charities Fund
James Carl and Hazel Ruby Forbes Memorial Fund
Jean Hollowell Booziotis Endowment Fund
Jean and Bill Booziotis Fund for Art and Architecture
John A. and Katherine G. Jackson Technology Center Endowment Fund
Keith L. and Clela Ketchum Merrick Fund
Kinney Dumas Memorial Fund
Krissi Holman Make-A-Wish Foundation Endowment Fund
La Rondella Fund
Lange Endowment Fund
Letot Fund
Life Community Enrichment Fund
Lucille Brown Kennedy Fund
Lynn Lectures Fund
Mabel Caruth Memorial Fund
Mabel Peters Caruth Center Endowment Fund
Margaret Horn Memorial Fund for Angelican Churches
Margaret Horn Memorial Fund for Animals
Margaret Horn Memorial Fund for St. Michael's Parish
Margaret Horn Memorial Fund for the Disabled
Mary C. Crowley Cancer Research Fund
Matagorda County Museum Fund
McCarter Cemetery Fund
McCree Cemetery Fund
McKinney Family Fund
Medical Research in Psychiatry Fund
Medical Research in Urology Fund
Megan Ledue Guardian Angel Fund
Mental Health Endowment Fund
Methodist Children's Home of Costa Rica/HPUMC
Methodist Church of Costa Rica Fund
Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance Fund
MindLeaps Fund
Morton H. and Hortense L. Sanger Endowment Fund
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Kenedy Philanthropic Fund
Navarro Hopewell Cemetary Association Fund
New Friends New Life Fund
Nonprofit Organization Emergency Fund
North Texas Opportunity Fund
O'Donnell Texas AP Teachers Award
Open Arms Clinic Fund
Orien Levy Woolf Student Assistance Fund
Palacios Area Emergency Medical Assistance Fund
Palacios Area Fund
Palacios Area Permanent Endowment Fund
Pattie and Bill Powell Fund for Dallas County Community Colleges
Peaceable Kingdom Retreat for Children Permanent Endowment Fund
Permanent Supportive Housing Fund
Preston Hollow Elementary
Project Unity Fund
QuadW Osteosarcoma Designated Fund
Reunion Tower NYE Foundation Fund
Robert B. Trull Fund
Robert B. Trull Memorial Endowment Fund
Robert H. Dedman Crystal Cathedral Ministries Permanent Endowment Fund
Robert H. Dedman Horatio Alger Association for Distinguished Americans Fund
Robert H. Dedman Johnson and Wales University Permanent Endowment Fund
Robert H. Dedman Methodist College Permanent Endowment Fund
Robert H. Dedman Northwood Institute Permanent Endowment Fund
Robert H. Dedman Sandhills Community College Permanent Endowment Fund
Robert H. Dedman Texas Business Hall of Fame Permanent Endowment Fund
Robert H. Dedman University of Dallas Permanent Endowment Fund
Rosine Smith Sammons Butterfly Endowment Fund
Rotary Club of Park Cities Centennial Project Fund
Sarah and Finley Ewing Wedding Fund Benefitting the Rise School of Dallas
Send A Kid To Camp Endowment Fund
Send A Kid To Camp Fund
Skibine-Kingsbury Scholarship Fund
THSP Texas High School Project Fund
Texas Department of Public Safety Foundation Fund
Texas Lyceum Permanent Endowment Fund
Texas Society to Prevent Blindness Fund- Dallas Chapter
The Dallas Bankers' Wives Charitable Fund
The Dallas Morning News Charities Fund
The Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow Education Fund
The Friends of Trinity Park, Inc. Fund
The Orchid Giving Circle Fund
The Ruth Ray Hunt Philanthropic Fund III
The Standard Club Fund
The Sweetheart Ball Fund
The Texas Tech Alpha Fund
The Tomorrow Fund for the Mesquite Symphony Orchestra
The Variety Fund for Salado All-Abilities Playground
The Village Giving Circle
Third Church of Christ, Scientist Endowment Fund
Third Church of Christ, Scientist Fund
Tom and Oleta Gray Scholarship Fund
True Harold Knowles Fund for the Quincy Cemetery
UNT Dallas Law Enforcement Training Center Fund
Vatter-Nettleton Fund
W. W. Caruth Police Institute Fund
W.W. Caruth, Jr. Fund for Pediatric Translational Clinical Research
WFAA Community Charitable Projects Fund/Santa's Helpers
Washington Arts Magnet PTSA Fund
Woodall Rodgers Park Fund
Wright Music Fund
Young Audiences of North Texas Executive Director's Discretionary Endowment

Scholarship Funds

AAF Dallas Foundation Scholarship Fund
Allene Mae Kraus Memorial Scholarship Fund
Bank of America/Minority Business News USA Fund
Believe And Achieve Scholarship Fund
Bob Edge Scholarship Fund
C.C. Miao and Rosalind Miao Scholarship Fund
C.V.M. Scholarship Fund
CREW in the Community Education Fund
Cecil L. Smith Scholarship Fund
Chadick Family Scholarship Fund
Charles E. Crow Memorial Scholarship Fund
Cherry-Wilson Scholarship Fund
Common Cents Scholarship Fund
Consumer Credit Counseling Scholarship Fund
DGS/Hilsewick/Shepherd/Sistrunk/Stanley/ Dodge Scholarship Endowment Fund
Dallas Area Paralegal Association Scholarship Fund
Dallas Athletic Club Scholarship Fund
Dallas International Cultural and Social Circle Scholarship Fund
Dorothy B. Brothers Scholarship Fund
Dr. Anson L. Clark Scholarship Fund
Earl H. and Georgia B. Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund
Edward O. Morris Scholarship Endowment Fund
Elizabeth Anne Ala Fund
Ernest H. Seelhorst Education Fund
Excellence in AP Arts and Music Theory Award Scholarship Fund
Father of the Year Scholarship Fund
General James H. Doolittle Scholarship Fund
George W. Bush Presidential Foundation North Korea Freedom Scholarship Fund
Gigi and Louise Gartner Scholarship Fund
Grady Graves Scholarship Fund
Harris Lee-Ranch Scholarship Fund
Hatton W. Sumners Scholarship Fund
Henry Jackson Crook Memorial Scholarship Fund
Jack Ford Shelby Scholarship Fund
Joan H. Hensley Scholarship Fund
John G. and Betty Erwin Phillips Scholarship Fund
John and Rheba Myers Scholarship Fund
Joseph J. Gray Scholarship Fund
Keightley/Preston Hollow United Methodist Church Scholarship Fund
Kristofer Robinson Scholarship Fund
LIFE Association Scholarship Fund
Legacy of Learning Scholarship Fund
Les Dames d'Escoffier Charitable Endowment Fund
Littlefield Wildcat Athletic Scholarship Fund
Lone Star Scholarship Fund
Lynne Grigsby Scholarship Fund
Matheon Scholarship Fund
Minnie Woodhouse Williams Memorial Scholarship Fund
Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Boyd Schooling Fund
North Chapel High School Alumni Scholarship Fund
Northwood Woman's Club Scholarship Fund
Om & Shanti Scholarship Fund
Palacios Area Scholarship Fund
Press Club of Dallas Foundation Scholarship Fund
Questrom Prize Scholarship Fund
Rotary Club of Fair Park Educational Fund
Roy and Mae Smith Scholarship Fund
Simon Greenstone Panatier Scholarship Fund
Small and Diverse Business Education Fund
Southwestern Engineering Scholarship Fund
Stevie Ray Vaughan Scholarship Fund
Subhasish Bhowmik Memorial Scholarship Fund
The AetheriA Scholarship Fund
The Michael W. and Nancy K. Hansen Scholarship Fund
Van London Memorial Fund
Vent-A-Hood Scholarship Fund
Wendy Ella Guilford Scholarship Fund
Westcott Foundation Scholarship Fund
William and Susan Soza Scholarship Fund

Discretionary Funds

19th Amendment Centennial Fund
Adolph and Pauline Weinberger Fund
Albert and Floy Moss Memorial Fund
Allen M. and Jeanette B. Early Fund
Anna Moreland Memorial Fund
Art and Artifacts Collection Fund
Arthur L. Wolf Cancer Research Fund
Basil Georges Fund
Beky and Harold Vanberg Family Fund
Beryl Burdyn Endowment Fund
Betty G. Massey Fund
Bryan and Marcella G. Long Fund
C. V. M. Fund
Charles J. Wyly, III Fund
Community Outreach Initiative Reserve Fund
Community Philanthropy Fund
Cultural Audience Development
Dallas COVID-19 Rapid Testing Plan Fund
David Caldwell Fund
Disaster Relief Fund
Dollars for College Fund for Lancaster ISD
Dollars for College Fund for Richardson ISD
Dorothy Volk Charitable Endowment Fund
Dr. V. A. Davidson and Earline Davidson Fund
E.G. and Irene H. Wadel Fund
Etha Reagin Forman Fund
Fidelity Charitable Fund for CFT Capacity Building Programs
Frances M. Penn Fund
Frank and Carolyn Ryburn Fund
Fund For Animals
Fund for Basic Human Needs
Fund for Children and Youth
Fund for Community Beautification
Fund for Community Development
Fund for Conservation
Fund for Education
Fund for Fort Worth
Fund for Historical Preservation
Fund for Medical Research
Fund for Mental Health
Fund for the Arts and Culture
Fund for the Elderly
General Fund - Operating Reserve
George Peters Caruth Family Fund
Hattie Louise Browning Fund
Hazel Kyle Fund
Honduras Threads Endowment Fund
InfraREIT CFT Discretionary Fund
Jack M. Tuttle, Jr. Fund
James McMurrey Education Fund
Jean Hollowell Booziotis Endowment Fund
Jeannette Smith Eppler Charitable Trust Advise and Consult Fund
Jesse North Bigbee Fund
John A. and Katie Jackson Fund
John Bradbury Charitable Endowment Fund
John D. and Sherry Wigley Crow
Julia M. Repp Endowment Fund
K.K. Meisenbach Fund
Katherine C. Carmody Trust Fund
Katie Foundation Fund for Religion and Benevolence
Katie Foundation Fund
Lawrence Wendl and Loraine Froelich Jones Fund
Ledbetter / Styron Fund
Lee and Albert H. Halff Fund
Leonard Ernest Powell Fund
Lillie Mae Schwetke Endowment Fund
Lone Star Endowment Fund
Lucy Wight Fund for the Elderly
Mabel Peters Caruth Fund
Margaret Horn Memorial Fund
Margot W. and Ben H. Mitchell Fund
Mass Care Task Force Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell H. Hamric, Sr. Fund
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Gordin Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Max Clampitt Fund
Mr. and Mrs. W. Robert Wigley, Jr. Fund
Nina B. Moore Fund
Patricia A. Bernstein Family Charitable Fund
Pearl C. Anderson Fund
Performing Arts Endowment Fund
Preston and Georgie Phillips Fund
Principal/Eppler, Guerin and Turner Fund
Reading Resource Fund
Roberta Coke Camp Fund
Rosine Foundation Fund
Sammons Foundation Fund
Texas 2020 Complete Count Fund
The Ralph E. Hays Fund
The Technology Fund
Tom A. Harris Fund
Travis T. Wallace Fund
Trinbrook Fund for Innovation
Vester T. Hughes, Jr. Charitable Fund
W. W. Caruth, Jr. Foundation Fund
Walter Webster and Lola Betts Washburn Fund
William B. and Jeannette S. Eppler Fund

Nonprofit Agency Funds

Altshuler Center for Education & Research at Metrocare Fund
Children's Chorus of Greater Dallas
City of Dallas Office of Homeless Solutions Fund
Foster Friends Fund
Friends of Wednesday's Child Fund
Greater Dallas Planning Council Fund
Heritage Farmstead Museum Fund
Human Rights Initiative Endowment Fund
JHG Texas/Philip Brandenburg Legacy Endowment Fund
MCHS Next50 Fund
N of One Autism Breakthrough Fund
North Texas Military Foundation Fund
ROA Department of Texas Fund
Texas Business Hall of Fame Endowment Fund
Texas Business Hall of Fame Fund
Texas Discovery Gardens Fund - Reserve
Texas Discovery Gardens Fund
The Cooper Institute Funds
Third Church of Christ, Scientist Music Endowment Fund
Trinity River Mission Fund
UNT Dallas College of Law Fund
UNT Dallas Foundation Fund
WIN Reserve Fund
Water Tower Theatre Fund


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Fifty Nine Foundation Fund
Garland Texas Tornado Relief Fund
Get Shift Done National Fund
Human Capital Fund
Joellyn Smith Fund for Breast Cancer Support
Neiman Marcus Group Disaster Relief Fund
Saving Hope Foundation Fund
Serving Our Heroes Fund
Texas Impact Network Fund
The James Camden Sikes Fund
Tinnitus Research Initiative United States Fund

Fiscal Sponsorships

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Dallas Morning News Science Reporting Fellowship Fund
EMCArts Community Innovation Lab Dallas Fund
Eagle Oak Retreat Foundation Fund
OutLoud Dallas Fund
SustainED Leaders Fund
We Are All Homeless Fund
Wholly Informed Sex Ed (WISE) Fund
Young Black Lawyers' Organizing Coalition Fund

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