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As the donor services and scholarships coordinator for CFT’s relationships department, Samantha supports portfolio managers and assists with fund administration. She also supports the execution of projects and grant payments for scholarship funds.

Prior to joining CFT, Samantha was the event manager for the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, and she worked as an Intervention specialist at Freeman Elementary.

Samantha holds a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management from the University of North Texas, and she is pursuing her master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a specialty in Diverse Curriculum Development and ESL Education from the university.

Joined CFT


Favorite Aspect of CFT

"My role at CFT is where I believe I belong both personally and professionally to help my community."

Favorite Quote

“People who want to improve should take their defeats as lessons, and endeavor to learn what to avoid in the future. You must also have the courage of your convictions. If you think your move is good, make it.”

– Jose Raul Capablanca, chess champion