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We've compiled a list of COVID-19 resources to help you identify the needs of our community, so that you can help where you can, when you can.


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  • Ways to Give
  • Family Resources
  • Education Resources
  • Nonprofit Amazon Wish Lists
  • Webinars & Podcasts
  • Virtual Volunteer Opportunities
  • North Texas Cares

Education Resources

COVID-19 has impacted every area of our lives, including education. With schools closed through the end of the year, families and students all over North Texas are in need of support and resources. Below is a list of resources we've compiled to aid parents and students as they complete their school year at home.

Family Resources

The Coronavirus pandemic is not solely impacting individuals, but the family unit as well. Families all over North Texas are in need of support and resources to better care for their loved ones during this uncertain time. Below is a list of resources we've compiled to aid parents as they nurture and care for the children in their home during COVID-19.

Nonprofit Amazon Wish Lists

All nonprofits will need continued support over the coming weeks, even if they may not be directly responding to the crisis. We encourage everyone to continue supporting the broad range of causes and nonprofits you care about across the community. As specific needs for our community are identified, we will provide updates on how to help.


North Texas Cares

North Texas Cares is a funder collaborative made up of North Texas foundations and United Ways that have come together to provide support for organizations that work with people and communities who may be most negatively affected by COVID-19.

Virtual & Physically Distanced Volunteer Opportunities

Nonprofits depend heavily on volunteers. Reach out to your favorite nonprofits to see how you can help and check out the many virtual volunteering opportunities below.

Ways To Give

Join us in supporting the critical work of local nonprofits. Donations will support organizations working with people and communities most affected by COVID-19.

Webinars & Podcasts

Below is a compilation of complimentary webinars and podcasts to help you stay informed on all things COVID-19.

Wellness Resources for Employers

Below is a compilation of wellness resources for employers.