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The Model


The Working Family Success Network of North Texas is a program of Communities Foundation of Texas that seeks to improve the economic stability of working families by helping the North Texas region understand the issues and challenges this population faces. Established in 2014, the network includes Communities Foundation of Texas and 16 community-based organizations from the Dallas/Fort Worth region who are committed to aligning their services and programming so that families may achieve lasting economic outcomes, including increased income, improved credit scores, a reduction of debt and the generation of wealth for themselves and their communities.

How It Works

The WFS model is built on a “bundled” set of three core elements: employment services, income support and financial coaching. It is not a stand-alone program, but an approach that is integrated into a nonprofit’s existing programs, staffing structure and client base. Services are bundled and sequenced and require providers to intentionally integrate the key areas in a seamless way for the client. One-on-one coaching is provided as an integral component of service delivery and is used to help clients set goals, develop plans and change behavior over time, requiring agencies to develop strong, long-term relationships with clients.

Three Core Services

Income Support

Income Support

Benefit screening/ application assistance, temporary financial assistance, housing assistance, tax prep and food/clothing support

Analyses conducted by the two largest WFS networks show that the approach makes a difference in the financial stability and success of its clients, particularly for those who most fully use the “bundle” of services that includes workforce, financial coaching and access to benefits and work supports.  Local Initiative Support Corporation (LISC) found that participants at its nearly 70 WFS centers who spent the most time on all three services had the highest job placement rates and the highest job retention rates—a 74% placement rate and a 78% six-month job retention rate. Further, clients who received both financial coaching and employment services had a much higher net income increase than those receiving only financial or income support counseling.

WFS makes a difference in peoples’ lives everyday

Average hourly wages for WFS clients
People have become gainful employed
Individual people helped along the path to economic security

Want to learn more about CFT’s focus on Economic Security?

At Communities Foundation of Texas, we are deeply committed to making a profound and measurable impact in the economic success across the North Texas community. If you have questions on our work, or would like to learn how you could invest alongside us, please contact us.