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Can anyone give to and be a part of Palacios Area Fund?

Anyone can donate to PAF. The mission of the community foundation is to promote philanthropy to make giving easy and accessible to everyone. Some important reasons for donors to consider investing in Palacios Area Fund are:

  • A philanthropic plan process many increase the effectiveness of your giving and bring you more satisfaction
  • You will receive allowable tax deductions for your contributions
  • You leave a legacy for future generations.

Your gift to the Palacios Area Fund will benefit civic and charitable endeavors in our community. Contributions can be made as memorials, donations, or charitable gifts.

Palacios Area Fund recently received a donation of funds from the Montgomery Family Trust. The Montgomery Family Trust was created from the generosity and legacy of Robert and Hazel Montgomery who loved and supported the Palacios Community for over forty years.


(Pictured: Robert and Hazel Montgomery with Sally Kurtz, Palacious Area Fund Coordinator)

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Palacios Area Fund also has two endowment funds, the Palacios Area Permanent Endowment and the RB Trull Memorial Endowment. Investing in these allow donors to make a gift that will help meet the needs of the Palacios area, today and tomorrow. 

Area of interest funds such as the Palacios Area Emergency Medical Fund and the R.B. Trull Architectural Enhancement Fund help expand community grant making in specific areas of interest to donors. Donors who feel strongly about a particular cause, but do not wish to take an active role in grantmaking, may want to establish a fund of this type which allows them either to identify and support a charitable purpose (i.e. alleviation of poverty, help for the elderly) or a category of interest (i.e. the arts).

Designated Funds, like the Friends of Elder Citizens Fund, allow interested donors to support a specific community need, provide endowment support to one or more local nonprofits or create a new program to support a cause.

Scholarship funds allow funds to be designated to match specific donor goals. Donors may customize a scholarship fund to provide educational support for our local graduates of certain schools, for studies in specific fields, or for programs in institutions of higher education. Our current scholarships include: Edward O. Morris Endowment Scholarship, Warren M. Morris III- STEM Related Studies Scholarship, Clarence G. Ripke, Jr. Baseball Scholarship, Billy and Carolyn Bradshaw Scholarship for Handicapped Students of Palacios, and the Smith/Holst Endowment Scholarship Fund. 

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What is the benefit of giving to Palacios Area Fund vs. giving directly to an organization that I support?   

Individual organizations in our area are performing amazing work. We honor the people who support these organizations with their donations. But all too often, budgets for our local organizations are based on bringing in enough each year to meet expenses for that year. Few of our organizations have been able to establish long-term, invested reserve funds or endowments. The community foundation funds where a combined portfolio of all funds can be invested in ways that produce more revenue will benefit us all. 

Distribution Committee
The Palacios Area Fund Distribution Committee is made up of members from the community that are interested in the wellbeing of the Palacios area. Committee members review all grant and project proposals and determine how PAF resources can address the community needs. The goal shared by the members is to maintain the financial integrity of PAF and invest funds in efforts that will bear fruit for the people of the Palacios area. The committee meets once a month to review grant requests.


Those currently serving on the PAF Distribution Committee are: Back row: PAF Funds Coordinator, Sally Kurtz, Lynda Richter, Patsy Gibson, Paul Christensen. Seated: Chairman, Rhonda Bates and Sydney Holder.

Do you have a planned giving strategy?

Let us help you invest your money wisely and put it to work in the Palacios area. We can help you identify a gift to fit your goals. Together we can make a significant impact on our community. There is power in planning!

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