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Palacios Area Fund’s Operation Santa Claus is the largest and oldest non-profit food and gift outreach program in Palacios. Since 1985, Operation Santa has been providing a full holiday meal and distributing wrapped Christmas gifts to community children, families and many senior citizens that are in need during the holiday.

With charitable donations received from caring and generous individuals, businesses and organizations, Palacios Area Fund can provide for these needs. Operation Santa Claus averages close to reaching over 100 households and 300 individuals each year.

2020 Highlight

James and Jake Trammell are members of the Palacios Boy Scout Troop 1441 and are working towards completing their Citizenship in the Community eagle required merit badge. As part of the requirement, they must select a charitable organization within their community and volunteer at least eight hours of their time to the organization. James and Jake selected Palacios Area Fund and focused on contributing to Operation Santa Claus. The boys set a goal of $250 and started raising monetary donations and collected toys that would be donated to Operation Santa Claus. With the money raised the boys took to the stores and purchased items that would be distributed to their fellow peers within the Palacios community. James and Jake raised a total of $450 and collected around 20 items that will be donated to Operation Santa Claus.


Supporting Operation Santa Claus

"I remember that years ago a family friend told us about Operation Santa Claus. It was such a relief to hear about an organization which we qualified for. It was wonderful for my kids to receive toys and gifts appropriate for their age and gender. It was so nice! Did I mention there was also food in our Operation Santa Claus box? It was a real blessing to us!" - Maria, Operation Santa Claus recipient

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