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New Nation Youth Center

  • The mission at New Nation Youth Center is to transform the lives of youth and young adults into productive, well-equipped, and purpose-driven indviduals ready to enact change that benefits society. They work to stabilize communities through social services, education, career development, and mentoring.

    In Dallas County, approximately 128,000 teens and young adults between the ages of 15 to 25 are not working or in school. Along with this, currently, 10,000 people are living in low-income areas and don’t have a high school education. This locks out a large number of individuals for having a stable and productive life.

    If you are interested in serving on this board, please contact Justin Hall at info@nnctd.org

  • Business Management

    • Structuring effective organizations and processes
    • Strategic planning/thinking skills
    • Experience serving on a board or leading profit or nonprofit organizations
    • Project management skills
    • Decision-making skills
    • Strategic planning/thinking skills
    • Marketing skills

    Personal Skills

    • Networking skills/organizational savvy – ability to build/leverage a network of relationships and resources
    • Time management
    • Organizational skills (being organized)
    • Respectful of others

    Communication Skills

    • Presentation / oral skills
    • Listening skills
    • Writing skills
    • Interpersonal skills
    • Influence/persuasion skills
    • Negotiation skills
    • Conflict resolution skills, including facilitating diplomatic solutions
    • Work with others and respect different opinions.

    Understanding the needs of youth and young adults in Southern Dallas

  • Attention, desire, and readiness to change the lives of countless youth, young adults and families lost in a ever changing world.

  • They are looking for three board members.

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