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  • By providing education on nutrition, emotional health, positive thinking, and physical activity, Rosa Es Rojo is making wellness and cancer prevention a reality for the high-risk cancer population of Hispanic women in North Texas. Their social innovation is rooted in their Cultural Humility Philosophy: using Spanish and culturally relevant content to create an effective ripple in the community.

    If you are interested in serving on this board, please contact Aidee Granados at aidee@rosaesrojo.org

  • The board is looking for five new board members willing to preserve the spirit and mission of Rosa Es Rojo and make it sustainable by contributing their educational, management, legal and financial skills, ensuring year-to-year excellence for the organization. Specifically:

    • Serve a minority population in their communities as a true vocation (majority among the minorities in the US)
    • Create policies (Carver Model) and help us to set organizational direction (strategic planning)
    • Help us evaluate and provide oversight to the main operational tasks and plans
    • Connect Rosa Es Rojo with regional and eventually national foundations, corporations, and individual donors supporting our mission and participate in fundraising activities and initiatives
    • Serve as ambassadors to the community and promote a positive public image
    • Board of Directors meetings are going to be held every other month and will have a 90-minute time duration
    • Fiduciary Commitment: Members will be solicited for an annual financial contribution that can come in the form of give OR get; 100% participation is required
    • The total minimum amount required is $3,000 (three thousand dollars 00/100) in cash or check, coming from personal resources or from third parties using their network
  • They are looking for five new board members


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