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Youth Revive, Inc.

  • The mission of Youth Revive, Inc. is to close the civic empowerment gap through character and civic education for youth in low-income communities. Youth in low-income communities are more susceptible to lacking civic participation than youth in healthier communities. Healthier communities often have more civic empowerment, strong character and civic education in schools, and engagement of the church.

    Youth Revive, Inc. seeks to bridge this gap by providing character and civic education in schools to help close the civic empowerment gap for youth in low-income communities. Through its programs and services, students become active, character-driven community citizens.

    If you are interested in serving on this committee, please contact Jaime Sisson at jaime@youthrevive.org

  • Youth Revive, Inc. is seeking new committee members to serve one-year terms. Youth Revive Inc. aims for committee members who are passionate about empowering low-income youth and those experienced in finance and fundraising, donor engagement, programs and events, policy, research, and advocacy.

    • Attend biweekly meetings.
    • Engage in fundraising.
    • Handle tasks outside of meetings.
    • Commit between three and five hours monthly.

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