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In 2018, CFT will support programs that recognize that our relationship with pets and animals can enhance the health and quality of life of individuals, families and communities.

LOIs are requested that focus on innovative approaches to increase or measure the impact of animals on human well-being:

  • Therapy: Animal-assisted therapy for individuals including physical, mental, emotional and trauma-related
  • Mental Health and Emotional Support: Animal-human interaction programs to support mental health, well-being and/or overall therapeutic benefit for people
  • Assistance Animals and Facilitation of Learning/Skill Building: Companion animal training and/or interactions that facilitate learning, skill building, rehabilitation or assistance with disabilities
  • Quality of Life: The positive influence of animals on the value, meaning and self-worth of individuals and families, improving their overall life satisfaction

There are no funding opportunities available at this time. Check back periodically for more opportunities.

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