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Nonprofit Funds

When nonprofits establish a charitable fund with Communities Foundation of Texas, we handle all investment management and administrative responsibilities related to the fund on your behalf.

We can also help your organization develop planned giving and endowment-building programs to grow your fund. This allows you to focus on your nonprofit mission, rather than spend time identifying and supervising investment managers and managing investment committees.

Working together, we can further your long-term financial sustainability to meet your mission long into the future.

How does a nonprofit fund work?

  • Nonprofit organization establishes the fund
  • The donors of the nonprofit or the nonprofit itself contribute to the fund
  • Grants are typically made back to the nonprofit

Nonprofit Funds: Frequently Asked Questions

Nonprofit funds provide a long-term, dependable source of operating revenue to nonprofits and are traditionally created by the organization itself. Many nonprofits treat their charitable funds at CFT as an endowment fund that helps them plan for the future.

Having a nonprofit fund frees the nonprofit from the responsibility of actively managing investments and investment managers. We have dedicated staff for investments and fund accounting that most nonprofits cannot afford. Being a part of a larger pool of assets can be beneficial for returns.

No. Many nonprofiit funds start with the intention of growing for many years before beginning to make disbursements. Many nonprofits treat their charitable funds at CFT as an endowment fund that helps them plan for the future.

Start a Fund Form

A nonprofit fund with CFT allows nonprofit organizations to focus on building an endowment, without the burdens of managing one. Every day, we work closely with nonprofits just like yours to ensure that your charitable giving gives you the control, the flexibility and the impact you’re looking for.

To get started, please fill out the form below with your contact information, and tell us more about your interests. A person on our team will be in touch shortly.

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We’re here to help you further your mission.

Nonprofits strengthen our community, and having a great community doesn’t just happen. Communities Foundation of Texas is committed to helping you thrive.

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