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February 2021
Reminder to register for our virtual continuing education course and professional seminar, charitable giving tips for clients related to life insurance and retirement plans, our Winter Weather Crisis Relief Fund, new Be In Good Company program, and more!

January 2021
New virtual continuing education course, upcoming professional seminar, welcoming new Fund Holders and Advisory Council members, charitable giving tips for clients, and more!

December 2020
Working with CFT at Year-End, and Be In Good Company

October 2020
Year-End Contribution Deadlines, 2020 Charitable Deduction Options, and Where Giving Thrives brochure

September 2020
Year-End Contribution Deadlines, North Texas Giving Day Recap, and National Estate Planning Awareness Month

August 2020
QCDs and CLATs, Newest Advisory Council Members, Upcoming Advisor Events, North Texas Giving Day 2020, and more!

July 2020
Power of a Donor-Advised Fund, Revive Dallas Small Business Relief Fund, CAP Study Group, North Texas Giving Day 2020, and more!

April 2020
Professional Seminar, North Texas Giving Tuesday NOW, COVID-19 Response, CARES Act Update and more.

February 2020
CAP® Study Group, CFT/SMU Professional Seminar and Upcoming Advisor Events

January 2020
Celebrating Professional Advisor Partners, Tax Savvy Tips, and Upcoming Events

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Charitable planning with your clients is good business. It broadens and differentiates your services, helps create a strong bond with your clients, and serves your clients and the community. When your clients are ready to maximize their charitable giving or plan their legacy, you can trust our staff to work with you to create the best philanthropic plan.

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