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Environmental nonprofits in North Texas work to preserve and protect the environment and promote environmental research, conservation and appreciation.

These organizations focus on everything from improving the quality of the air that we breathe and the water we drink to planting trees, promoting recycling and educating children on the importance of conserving the Earth’s natural resources.

There are many strong local nonprofits whose mission is improving our environment. Below you can find information about these nonprofits in North Texas and projects that you can help fund.

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The Allen Parks Foundation (APF) supports and improves recreational opportunities in Allen to enhance the community and the citizens’ quality of life. Core programs include: 1) The Park Ambassador Program in which volunteers serve as stewards of Allen's parks; 2) Trail Marker System for Allen's trail system; and 3) Serving as a Land Trust for future state grants. In 2018, the APF held land for future parks, secured funds and volunteers to construct kidMania, and developed a trail-marking system for Allen's trails. Funds are requested to respond to residents’ demands for shaded playgrounds. Shade is recommended by the CDC to lessen exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Downwinders at Risk Education Fund is dedicated to building a grassroots constituency for clean air in DFW to improve both the quality of air and the quality of democracy. Their core program work is focused on Grassroots Organizing Assistance: full-time staff assistance for neighborhoods opposing air pollution threats; building citizen science capacity with portable air monitoring training and new air monitoring network; and Environmental Justice policy advocacy. In the past year, Downwinders at Risk Education fund defeated 4 proposed concrete batch plants slated for S. Dallas; Closed the Shingle Mountain illegal dumpsite; and trained 50 residents with on-air monitors. Funding will support full-time staff, expansion of air monitoring technology capacity, and growing pubic education programs.

Groundwork Dallas’ mission is to improve the Elm Fork and Great Trinity Forest because everyone deserves a green, healthy, and resilient environment. Core programs of Groundwork Dallas include the Green Team program which provides job skills training and environmental education to youth, environmental restoration, improvement of urban forests and waterways, and debris and trash removal. Environmental restoration is focused on the Elm Fork, its Greenbelt, and the Great Trinity Forest. Between 2017 & 2018, Groundwork Dallas removes 130,000 pounds of trash, tires, and debris. Additionally, from 2015 through 2018, their Green Team program has grown from 13 to 167. Funding will support capacity building to hire new Green Team staff and environmental restoration.

Keep Dallas Beautiful's (KDB's) mission is to establish and implement sustainable programs to end littering, beautify the community and improve recycling. Core programs include the Youth Initiative, by which children of all ages are educated regarding how they can positively impact their community, mitigate crime and help their school become Keep America Beautiful Certified. They also partner with neighborhoods to improve the quality of life for everyone. In 2018, KDB grew the number of Keep America Beautiful certified chools from one to five, expanding from 900 students to 28,000 students reached. Funds are requested to continue this school program, specifically the cost of staff, awards and support for each school as they pursue their Keep America Beautiful certification.

River Legacy Foundation's (RLF) mission is to enhance land along the Trinity River as an extraordinary educational, recreational and natural resource. River Legacy Foundation supports the Living Science Center, a public science center open daily on a year-round basis as a resource for teaching 40,000 North Texas children annually the benefits of nature and conservation through hands-on exhibits, Animal Ambassadors and indoor/outdoor classrooms. RLF educates 14,700 urban public school children. In the past year, RLF redesigned and updated its exhibit hall and classroom space and opened its first traveling exhibit. Funding will support general operating educational programs, moving and updating the field investigation trail, and updating the Experience Wall software.

Southern Gateway Public Green Foundation seeks to build a transformative deck park across I-35E in Southern Dallas in order to invest in this underserved area and drive community revitalization. The Park will catalyze the surrounding economy, improve the environment by creating five acres of green space, bring out-of-school education through DISD partnerships, and increase city-wide access as the hub of new connective infrastructure including pedestrian-friendly bridges and biking trails. Major wins during the last year include completing a $1M McDermott Foundation match, signing an agreement with City of Dallas, stimulating economic development efforts through a partnership with the Dallas Zoo, and completing schematic design and technical engineering effort. Funding will support an equitable development plan and capital construction for the park.

The Nature Conservancy’s mission is to conserve the land and waters on which all life depends. Core programs safeguard 1 million acres of land; demonstrate best practices for land, water, and coastal protection; protect the aquifers supplying drinking water to 25 million Texans; restore healthy fisheries, reefs, and shorelines in critical locations in the Gulf; and develop tools to improve coastal management. In the past year, The Nature Conservancy completed 12 land transactions protecting 10,500 additional acres and had more than 6,000 visitors to local preserves. Funding will support the Texas Urban Sustainability program, Protecting Bracken Cave, and operating costs for TNC in Texas.

The Trust for Public Land (TPL) creates parks and protects land for people, ensuring healthy, livable communities for generations to come. Core programs include the Five Mile Creek program, a public-private partnership to acquire, design, and develop a series of parks and trails among Dallas's natural beauty; and the Cool Schools Community Parks program, a partnership with Texas Trees Foundation to build 20 new parks over 3 years. TPL is improving the health, environment, safety, and education of 153,000 Dallas residents and students through the two programs outlined above. Funding will provide general operating support and development costs associated with the Five Mile Creek and Cool Schools Community Parks programs.

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