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Social Services

The nonprofits working in social services in North Texas focus on areas from combating hunger and homelessness to domestic violence support and prison rehabilitation.

The common thread for these social services nonprofits is that they are helping build on the strengths of individuals and families towards healthier communities.

There are many strong local nonprofits who work in the social services sector. Below you can find information about these nonprofits in North Texas and projects that you can help fund.

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29 Acres' mission is to elevate the quality of life for adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) by creating a dynamic housing community with purpose and joy. Their core programs include: 1) a 2-yrear residential Transition Academy is for students who may be able to live independently with practice; 2) 29 Friends, serves 16 and older with opportunities to socialize; and 3) Enrich 29 is intended to support a broader range of autism. They broke ground on Phase 1 of their community and started their 3 programs with 50 teens and young adults participating. Funding is requested to support program supplies and staff training well as transportation costs to get students to jobs and appointments.

Achieve's mission is to empower individuals with disabilities and barriers to work to achieve their highest level of independence and employment. Core programs include Employment, a comprehensive job readiness and placement service; Vocational Adjustment Training, which offers work-ready instruction for high school special education students; and Work Center/Academy, which provides paid vocational training and life skills instruction for individuals with severe disabilities. Achieve placed 200 individuals with disabilities (including 136 veterans) in jobs over the last year, with 91% achieving a three month job retention. They also recently started new training programs in janitorial services and landscaping. Funds would help support program costs for Veteran employment services, Vocational training for special education students, and their Academy program.

AIDS Outreach Center's mission is to serve people living with or at risk for HIV with dignity and respect. Core programs include Client Services which eliminates barriers to care such as homelessness, hunger or lack of transportation and Community Health which provides testing, treatment, prevention and outreach for people who are living with or at risk for HIV and other STIs in an eight county region. In 2019 through October, the Center served almost 1,700 people living with HIV, 80%+ of clients achieve viral suppression. In 2018, they started providing free PrEP, STI treatment, & HRT. Funds are requested for the food pantry for clients below 100% of the Federal Poverty Limit, Patient Navigators who connect clients to care, and general operations.

Alliance for Children's mission is to protect Tarrant County children from abuse through teamed investigations, healing services, and community education. Core programs include forensic interviews of child abuse victims, case management/family support, trauma-informed group and individual counseling for child abuse victims and non-offending parents, community education to arm children and adults with the knowledge to recognize, resist, and report abuse. In the past year, Alliance for Childre served 2,510 children and their protective families, 855 children and 250 adults in 8,811 counseling sessions, all at no cost. Funding will support community education and outreach to over 60,000 youth and adults to prevent child abuse in Tarrant County.

Alliance for Supportive Housing, Inc.’s (ASH) mission is developing permanent affordable housing for adults with serious mental illness. ASH’s vision is to reduce the housing crisis for adults w/SMI. ASH’s Iris Place model of living includes a community room for socialization activities and continuing education classes. Emeritus professors from Richland College provide music lessons, classical music, and art/painting. Other volunteers provide exercise, relationship-building activities and more. In the past year, ASH has hired an Executive Director, wrote a Strategic Plan for 2018-2020, and leased the ASH office within walking distance to land. Funding will support building Iris Place II housing/operations, landscaping and general costs for Iris Place activities/supplies.

The Arlington Life Shelter provides short-term shelter and services that help individuals who are homeless stabilize and return to self-sufficiency. Core programs include Employment Services, a continuum of care to help homeless parents and individuals secure employment paying a livable wage and Children's Services, a myriad of developmental, educational and recreational activities to strengthen the family unit and allow kids to "just be kids". In 2018, seventy percent (70%) of residents completing the employment program left stabilized with an average savings of $500. Funds are requested to assist the homeless who are elderly and/or medically infirm secure care and to purchase beds and mattresses for the family dorms.

Arlington Urban Ministries (AUM) provides utility and food assistance and works to prevent eviction and homelessness in Arlington. AUM programs include eviction prevention, a monthly fresh food distribution, services for the street homeless and utility assistance. They work closely with their client families and homeless friends to help them work towards stability and security. Since 2001, they have served 35,745 families and work closely with community partners. Funds are requested to support the eviction prevention program, financial classes and homeless services.

The A.W. Center’s mission is to provide services to empower, strengthen, and promote self-sufficiency in order to overcome the hardships of poverty. Core programs include Back Pack Bash - designed to provide free school supplies to children most in need; Learning Zone - providing tutoring/academic activities for youth and education for adults; and a Mental Health & Wellness Fair - providing health seminars and nutritional guidelines. In the past year, the A.W. Center saw a 55% increase in participation in the Back Pack Bash, a 30% increase in youth attending college, and added a Mental Health Seminar with increased participants. Funding will support the purchase of media equipment for the literacy program, culinary equipment, and general operating support to expand programs and staff.

Bridges to Life’s (BTL) mission is to connect communities to prisons to reduce the recidivism rate, reduce the number of crime victims, and enhance public safety. BTL is a restorative justice 14-week program that educates offenders about the impact that criminal acts have thereby sparking empathy in offenders and the willingness to accept responsibility for their own criminal actions. BTL has also expanded into the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Centers. BTL has seen over 49,000 men or women graduate from the program with the help of over 2,800 volunteers in 13 states and 6 countries. BTL’s programs have also only seen a recidivism rate of 14.5%. Funding will support program costs for inmate and resident participants to break the cycle of crime and addiction to provide safety to our communities. 

Brother Bills Helping Hand (BBHH) enriches the lives of families in Dallas by empowering through learning, encouraging through relationships, and ensuring the essentials of life. Core programs include Grocery Store food help to over 300 families per week; community health clinic, which provides quality care at little to no cost for neighbors; and the Pathways Job Training Program, a 6-week job training program for women. In 2019, BBHH saw a 40% increase in programs, opened service to areas outside of the 75212 zip code, and saw a 40% decrease to clinical “no-shows.” Funding will support the huge growth of the Community Clinic, the creation of an After-School Program, and the historic Grocery Store.

The mission of Bryan's House is to provide at-risk children with specialized medical, educational, and therapeutic care & holistic support services. Core programs include onsite medical care with high-quality NAEYC-accredited education, collaborative therapy, medical intervention and respite care, and an offsite program that provides case management, basic needs (food, clothing, shelter), referrals to services, and crisis intervention. Of the families served by Supportive Services, 91% stabilized their daily lives and are thriving; 94% have a job and steady income, and 98% have homes. Funding will support general operating costs for the Early Childhood programs and Family Supportive Services.

Buckner Children and Family Services (BCFS) is devoted to transforming the lives of vulnerable children, promoting independence and building strong families through Christ-centered values. Core programs are foster care and adoption – finding loving families for children who need them; Family Hope Centers (FHC) – enabling parents and strengthening at-risk families; Family Pathways- serving single parents on their journey to higher education and self-sufficiency. Funding will support their expanded services which include a $9.8 MM capital project for the Bachman Lake FHC, Wynnewood FHC, new counseling services, expanded counseling services, Working Family Success program and NextStep, their foster care transition program.

Camp Summit's mission is to provide barrier-free outdoor experiences that promote personal growth & foster independence for individuals with disabilities. They offer residential camping 11 months annually for children, adults and seniors with disabilities at a rural, barrier-free camp in Paradise, Texas. Core programs include wimming, archery, arts, horses, music and adapted ropes course - all adapted to the needs of each camper. Camp Summit served 2655 campers in 2018, 90% received financial aid, and they never deny a camper due to age, severity of their disability, or financial need. Funding will support the Campership & Financial Assistance project eliminating the financial barriers many individuals with a disability experience.

Cancer Warrior, Inc. assists cancer patients with payment of medical bills for treatments of their choice. Cancer Warrior also provides communication and follow up with patients/applicants, and offers art items of the month and the book Hope Over Fear as incentives for donations. Funds are requested to directly pay treatment providers on behalf of cancer patients, grant writing and general operating costs.

CARDBoard Project seeks to teach our homeless neighbors to connect to jobs and services using technology. Primary services include CARDBoard Connect, which provides phone numbers for homeless who do not have a phone and access to voicemail; Mobile Digital Connection, which teaches homeless how to connect to jobs and services using technology via access to Wi-Fi, laptops, assistance navigating the Internet, creating email, and using USB and storage. Services are offered at a variety of area partners, including the Stewpot. The program helped over 450 apply for 2019 State Fair of Texas Job Fair. Funding is needed to expand their CBConnect program and open a new location.

Carrying Hope is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a mission of giving a Hope Pack to every child entering the foster care system in Texas. Carrying Hope creates Hope Packs filled with comfort items and essentials for children entering foster care. Carrying Hope works directly with CPS and foster care agencies to distribute Hope Packs, broken down by age and gender for children 0-18, which contain everything they need for the first 48 hours. In 2019 alone, Carrying Hope will have created and distributed 3,000 Hope Packs––one for every child coming into foster care in the region. Carrying Hope is always in need of donations that go toward creating Hope Packs for children entering foster care.

City House’s mission is to provide for, serve, and empower children & young adults experiencing abuse, neglect, or homelessness. City House’s focus is to provide emergency shelter, transitional living, and street outreach to all clients offering core programs to include counseling, case management, life skills, education, job opportunities, and safe housing. Over the past 12 months, the Transitional Living Program served 64 young adults an 18% increase and outreach served 288 a 55% increase. Funding will support general operating costs for both programs above due to the increase in client needs.

Community Action Organizer's (CAO's) mission is to make positive change by identifying problems and implementing sustainable solutions through the use of community projects. Core programs include Dallas Volunteer Movers, an organization dedicated to providing low-income families with affordable moving services and Parties for the People, an initiative to allow low-income kids and adults to celebrate birthdays and holidays. CAO is creating an entrepreneurship program for students in DISD. Through October 2019, Dallas Volunteer Movers served 12 clients since its inception in February 2019. Funding is requested for capital needs for Dallas Volunteer Movers including trucks and moving equipment, and operating expenses for a year.

Community Food Bank fights hunger & poverty by giving food, education & programs to families in a dignified, personal, and timely manner without zip code restrictions. Core programs include their Food Pantry, giving clients fresh & frozen meats, produce, dairy and can/dry foods as well as pet food for their dogs and cats; Training Center, a Texas Workforce & Senior Employment Rehabilitation; and Feeding Hope, providing diapers, Toiletries & Cleaning Items to children/adults. Community Food Bank serves an average of 600 families a day through nutritious food boxes. Additionally, Community Food Bank gave 1 million FEMA food boxes to North Texas food pantries/municipalities/ISD. Funding will support a Capital Campaign to expand & upgrade their equipment & facility, to operate more efficiently now and for future needs.

Community Garden Kitchen of Collin County's mission is to serve nutritious meals to those in need in of a safe, welcoming place. In the summer of 2020, Community Garden will be opening a "pay it forward" restaurant that is open to anyone in need of a meal, no questions asked, with a focus on Collin County residents. Community Garden was awarded a $20,000 grant during the inaugural grant cycle of CFT's Collin County Fund. Funds are requested to complete building out the restaurant, and for ongoing operational support once open.

Connecting Point of Park Cities (CPPC) provides an inclusive day program for adults with intellectual disabilities. CPPC provides a community-based adult day program for individuals who have aged out of the public school transitional program. Their program is designed to build confidence in Communication, Activities of Daily Living, Pre-Vocational, and Social Skill development for their Teammates. CPPC provides a 1:5 staff to Teammate ratio. CPPC individualizes program delivery to meet all levels of ability and prioritizes community engagement. As donations are 75% of their budget, Funding will support an increase of enrollment, while maintaining an optimum staff to Teammate ratio.

Covenant Purpose & Restoration Family Center seeks to eliminate hunger, show compassion to and provide the basic necessities for the homeless and low-income population. Core Programs include Operation Stomp Out Hunger (OSOH), a food bank that provides food and basic necessities to those who need it most and Love's Closet, a clothes closet that provides new and used clothes to low-income people. OSOH increased the number of pounds of food delivered to its neighbors by 89% and increased the people it serves each month by 67% in one year. Funding will support general operating costs Operation Stomp Out Hunger and will aid in increasing the pounds of food delivered to neighbors.

Cynthia Mickens Ministries, Inc. provides the tools and resources to assist individuals with living the life that they are created to live. Core programs include Path~Way to Purpose® for Adults, Youth, and Children; Path~Way to Purpose Residential Housing to Single Mothers with Young Children; and the Path-Way to Purpose® Course - Discovery of Purpose. 99% of Cynthia Mickens Ministries, Inc. graduates achieve discovery of their life purpose, 38% started new businesses or non-profit organizations, and 17% are employed full-time. Funding will support Path~Way to Purpose Residential Housing and the Path~Way to Purpose Course Phase I, II, & III.

Dallas CASA advocates for children in the protective care of the state so they can grow up in safe, permanent homes where they can thrive. Dallas CASA’s only program is their Volunteer Recruitment, Training, and Supervision Program. Dallas CASA trains and supervises volunteers who are appointed by judges to advocate for the best interests of abused or neglected children in pending child welfare cases. On September 30, 2019, Dallas CASA was serving 97% of children in protective care in Dallas. By the end of 2018, 1,420 advocates were assigned to represent foster children. Funds are requested to increase the number of volunteers who are recruited, screened, trained and supervised by professional staff to serve children.

Dallas Life reaches out to homeless men, women and children with food, clothing, shelter, education and long-term rehabilitation programs. Core programs include Homeless No More, a 10-month program that provides classes, counseling, and job readiness to help people completely recover from homelessness; Veterans Program; and Senior/Overcomer program for the senior citizens and disabled. They provide housing and programs for up to 500 people per night and have over a 90% success rate on complete homeless recovery. Funds are needed to support ongoing services for the Homeless No More Program, for kids services and for our current remodel project.

DRC Solutions provides respectful, responsible and effective community-based solutions to help individuals emerge from homelessness as productive, healthy people. Using the Housing First model, the DRC works with the Tarrant County Homeless Coalition to place people into appropriate housing situations, including rapid rehousing and permanent supportive housing. They also offer identity document replacement and victim's advocacy for adults and children. The DRC helped 914 individuals to become housing-ready and find appropriate housing through their Navigator program in 2018. Funding will support general operating costs of all Housing First programs.

Duncanville Outreach Ministry (DOM) is working to reduce and alleviate hunger within the community by distributing food and providing financial assistance to qualified needy families. DOM provides a variety of assistance to the residents of Duncanville, including food pantry, assistance with rent and utility bills, clothing closet, prescription assistance, and assistance for families facing major illness. They also provide Thanksgiving and Christmas food boxes and toys for children. DOM serves over 3,000 individuals (800 families) per year. Funding will support general operating costs and emergency assistance for utilities and families facing medical emergencies.

Dwell with Dignity's mission is to help families escape poverty and homelessness through design; one household at a time. Core programs include Hope Begins at Home, the family home transformation program; and the Community Partner Program, transforming spaces for nonprofit partners in the community. In 2018, Dwell with Dignity served over 30 families, and 100% of families have maintained independent housing following their home transformation. Funding will support the Hope Begins at Home and Community Partner Programs.

Emily's Place seeks to break the cycle of domestic violence for women and their children through long-term transformational care. Core programs include counseling, case management, transportation, childcare, long-term housing, life skills programming and other resources. Last year they served over 100 women and children, 95% of whom did not return to their abuser. They also opened a second facility doubling their capacity. Funding will support transporation, childcare, and resources for the family such as counseling, case management, and programming.

Exodus Ministries transforms the lives of formerly incarcerated mothers and their children through an intensive, comprehensive, residential program. We are breaking the cycle of generational crime and poverty by providing a safe place to live, a loving and structured program for mothers to reunite and bond with their children, while also providing the women with tools and support needed to build self-sufficient and productive lives. The recidivism rate for program graduates is less than 13%, 100% are gainfully and legally employed, and 95% have maintained their sobriety. Funding will support programs that give children their mothers back, meet the families basic needs, and provide mothers with life skills for success.

Faith Formula Human Services meets the needs of the community by empowering financial, educational growth, and transforming communities Programs include a monthly food pantry through their partnership with the North Texas Food Bank, and a clothes closet, that weekly distributes clothes to those needing attire for jobs and job interviews, youth needing school clothes. Faith Formula Human Services served 2,010 individuals in 2018 from the following zip codes: 75224,75237,75232, 75216, and all of Dallas County. Funds are requested to help reduce the food insecurity of their clients.

Family Gateway's mission is to provide stability and life-changing supportive services for families with children experiencing homelessness. Core programs include assessments to determine if a shelter is an appropriate solution, matching needs with appropriate interventions, offering the only emergency shelter in Dallas that will serve any kind of family with children and offering supportive housing with wrap-around supportive services. We screened 4,800 calls for assistance and matched the needs of callers with the appropriate solution. 70% of our shelter families exited to housing. In the past year, Family Gateway has moved 70% of its shelter families into housing. Funding will support emergency hotel rooms for families when shelters are full and flexible dollars to help prevent homelessness.

Frisco Family Services helps families/individuals who are facing hunger, homelessness and other urgent needs improve their quality of life and achieve self-sufficiency. Core programs/services include Frisco's only food pantry, partial emergency financial assistance (rent, utilities, prescriptions, educational support, and gasoline cards), life skills classes, and seasonal programs including the Summer Lunch, Back2School Fun Fair, Thanksgiving, and Holiday Programs. In the past year, Frisco Family Services served 3,785 individuals, distributed 541,500 meals, and raised $1.3 million in annual program support. Funding will support Frisco's only food pantry, providing emergency financial assistance for clients, and supporting their Capital Campaign.

The mission of Frisco Fastpacs is to ensure no child in Frisco ISD is hungry when school is not in session. Core programs include the provision of weekly food pacs to 1,250 at-risk, school-aged children across all Frisco ISD schools. Each food pac provides seven meals which will cover the weekend’s meals for students who regularly access the schools' free lunch and breakfast program. Fastpacs distributed 30,474 pacs last school year at 63 Frisco ISD schools. Participating families reported being less food insecure. Funding will support the cost of food for weekly pacs, supplies for hygiene kits provided for older children, and operational expenses.

Gaston Christian Center (GCC) shares expertise, passion, and facilities to empower ministries and congregations to serve locally and globally in the Spirit of Christ. Core programs include providing facilities for 6 non-profit organizations (medical clinic, refugee services, tutoring for at-risk students, etc.) and 10 congregations; mentoring support for the entrepreneurial efforts housed at GCC; and sharing this unique model of service for replication in other communities. GCC serves 2,000 weekly. with a unique synergistic model for ministry. Additionally, GCC was featured in a national online publication for their work. Funding will support elevator replacement, window repair/replacement, and security system replacement.

Genesis Women's Shelter & Support's mission is to provide safety, shelter, and support for women and children escaping domestic violence and raise awareness regarding its cause, prevalence, and impact. Genesis offers a comprehensive program of care including cutting-edge clinical counseling to help adult and child clients heal from the trauma they have experienced, expert legal support to help clients achieve legal freedom from their abusers, and personalized advocacy to meet their corporal needs. In 2018, they served 3,669 women and children, 104 clients received legal support, and 79% of adult clients reported at least a 50% decrease in PTSD symptoms. Funding is requested for their counseling program, their emergency shelter program, and their children's program.

Giving HOPE, Inc. serves individuals and families who are at risk of or currently experience homelessness through advocacy, community collaboration, and housing assistance. Core programs include Street Outreach, Homeless Prevention, Rapid Rehousing, Transitional Housing, Permanent Support Housing, Veterans Assistance, and The Wheeler House. Additionally, 70% of single moms who participated in The Wheeler House program received employment. Funding will support general operating costs, so that Giving HOPE can continue to bring services to the community, and providing assistance to Giving HOPE’s Case Manager.

The mission of Green Oaks Education and Support, Inc. is to provide a quality, person-centered Christian education to individuals with intellectual disabilities. Green Oaks provides educational programs for individuals with intellectual disabilities. The school serves those aged five through high school during the school year, with Green Oaks Adult Learning serving high school graduates through adulthood year round. Summer programs are available. Green Oaks serves 150 individuals from Tarrant County and beyond teaching academics and life, social and job skills. They are developing a college program. Funds are requested for new curriculum, repairs to their campus, a new security system and to support their capital campaign for the college program.

The Greg Dollgener Memorial AIDS Fund's mission is to enhance the lives of people with HIV/AIDS in North Texas by providing financial assistance for critical needs when all other resources are exhausted. Programs for this all-volunteer organization include: 1) Metro Ball, their annual fundraiser; 2) participation in LifeWalk; and 3) volunteer hours and HIV education materials for many LGBTQ community social organizations and local businesses. Recently the organization was a finalist for the 2019 DCEO Nonprofit Corporate Citizenship Awards. In 2018, they assisted over 250 people in financial hardship, distributing $150,000. Funding is requested to help clients stay in their homes, get medications and stay employed.

The mission of Guide Dogs of Texas (GDTX) is to provide quality guide dogs to blind Texans in order to improve their freedom, mobility, and independence. Core Programs include Applicant Services/Resources for Texans with Vision Loss; At-Home Client Training with a professionally bred, raised, raised, trained and personally matched and certified GDTX guide dog; and Continuing education/support and outreach. GDTX client teams have a 100% graduation rate and a 90% two-year retention rate vs. a 50% national average. General Support will help increase mobility, freedom, and independence for blind Texans through guided sight provided by a certified GDTX guide dog.

Helping Hands for Single Moms Dallas’ (HH4SM Dallas) mission is to assist low-income single mom families as the mom attains a college education, financial independence, and a positive legacy. Core programs include providing each mother with $2,000/$3,600 annual stipends paid monthly and providing supplemented wrap-around services. Wrap-around services consist of AAA memberships, emergency dental care, and holiday gifts & family outings. In the past year, HH4SM Dallas launched its Single Mom College Community Support Group which now serves 15 mothers and 31 children. Additionally, the first mother that they served when opening in 2018 is on track to graduate in December. Funding will support doubling their client base in 2020, providing monthly stipends, and supplementing AAA and emergency dental services.

Hope City Dream Center's mission is to bring hope and dignity to people by providing practical resources for food, clothing, mentoring, and counseling. Core programs include food pantry, clothing closet, Adopt A Block (an outreach program focused on children, elderly, and people experiencing homelessness), and Clay Leadership, a mentoring program at Dallas ISD schools. Their food pantry served 150 people in 2019 with a 75% increase of food distributed from the previous year. Funds are needed to support general operating costs for the food pantry, Adopt A Block, and Clay Leadership programs.

The Mission of Hope Cottage is to nurture and build families through education, counseling and adoption services. Core Programs include pregnancy counseling & services, infant adoptions, foster care services, post-adoption services, professional education for social service providers & youth education including Teen Mentoring and Prevention (TMAP), Relationship Smart Plus (RS+), and ABC's of Adoption. Hope Cottage served 123 families in 2018, the same year they celebrated their Centennial anniversary! In 2019 Hope Cottage acquired a partner, Alley's House. Funding will support programming and service expansion for a recent acquisition, as well as post-adoption services and general operating expenses.

Hope's Door New Beginning Center's mission is to offer intervention and prevention services to people affected by intimate partner and family violence and to educate the community. Their services for domestic violence victims include Emergency Shelter, Individual and Group Counseling for adults and Children, Transitional Housing, Legal Advocacy, Community Education and a Battering Intervention and Prevention Program. In 2018, HDNBC provided safe shelter for 599 individuals, counseled 944 victims, answered 5,595 crisis calls, and gave legal services to 529 victims. Funds are requested to support their Transition Housing Program and general operating costs.

Housing Help by John 316's mission is to continue helping needy people avoid homelessness by helping them pay their rent, house payment, or utility bills. They receive calls for appointments from applicants referred to them by other charities, churches and community organizations. Housing Help meets with the applicant(s) at the appointed time(s), interviews them to determine the extent of their need, and pays their landlord, lender, or utility company. They have helped over 123 families remain housed since 2017. When they are out of funding they provide referral services to other organizaitons. Funds are requested to: 1) help more people remain housed, off the streets and out of overcrowded shelters; and 2) pay a fundraising staff member.

Human Rights Initiative of North Texas (HRI) serves immigrants who have suffered human rights abuses with free legal support and social services. HRI core programs are Legal Services, Social Services, and Advocacy & Community Education. HRI clients are asylum seekers fleeing persecution; unaccompanied children; and survivors of violent crimes and abuse. All programs help forge a path to freedom, safety, and opportunity in the United States. HRI and their 450 community volunteers provided 100% free legal and social services to 631 clients in the last year, achieving approval rates of 90-100%. Funding will support legal expertise, compassionate assistance, and advocacy in defense of human rights and dignity. 95% goes to programs and services.

Hunger Busters’ mission is to provide a much-needed third meal to food-insecure children. Meals are provided directly to schools for those children who cannot access after-school care, and also to after-school programs themselves. In 2018, Hunger Busters provided 415,000 meals to 2,500 low-income children at Dallas ISD schools and after school programs. Funding would support general operating costs of our signature “Feed the Need” program.

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) in Dallas' mission is to help people whose lives are shattered by conflict and disaster to survive, recover, and gain control of their future. The International Rescue Committee supports Dallas-area refugees through a wide range of comprehensive programs, such as culturally appropriate, trauma-informed mental health care and high-quality, affordable immigration services. Every year, over 2,000 individuals access the IRC’s life-changing programs aimed at integrating refugees and asylees into the Dallas community. Funds are requested to continue providing free mental health and low-cost immigration services to some of Dallas' most vulnerable residents.

Jubilee's mission is to be a catalyst for comprehensive community revitalization and enrichment in Southeast Dallas. From prenatal and early childcare programs to senior education, Jubilee is proud of its commitment to a full continuum of services in an atmosphere that promotes multi-generational achievement. Jubilee's work focuses on 5 key areas: Safety, Housing, Health, Education/Workforce, and Opportunity. Jubilee served over 1,600 individuals in 2018 and has seen a 74% decrease in crime and a nearly 50% increase in homeownership since its founding. Funds are needed to support general operating costs for Jubilee's holistic approach to community revitalization, a nationally recognized model.

Legacy Counseling Center's mission is to provide affordable and quality mental healthcare, substance abuse treatment, housing services, and education to people who are impacted by HIV/AIDS. Core programs include: individual/group mental health and/or substance abuse treatment, 24/7 crisis line, walk-in crisis clinic, a women-specific program, housing facility providing respite and end-of-life care for the critically ill, a housing referral service, and a homeless transition program. Currently, Legacy offers a conference for positive women in the world and serves over 1,200 individuals and families each year. Funds are needed to support low-income individuals and families who are diagnosed with HIV/AIDS but cannot afford Legacy's vital services.

Life Message's mission is to feed the hungry, aid veterans adjusting to civilian life and help those in need by giving hope to those they serve. Core services include providing underserved and veterans of the Northeast Texas Region: 1) weekly access to healthy food, nutrition and fitness programs; 2) veteran programs for unemployment and the VA; and 3) counseling and support for PTSD, bereavement and addiction for self-sufficiency. In 2018, they served 100,000 individuals. Funds are requested for general operating for educational enhancement and bulk food for distribution, events, churches, schools, organizations and other charities regionally.

The mission of Lifeline Shelter for Families, Inc. is to reduce homelessness among families of school children in crisis who are enrolled in the Grand Prairie ISD. Core programs include rental assistance and case management for homeless or near homeless families. Case management includes family budgeting, debt management, daily spending logs, financial coaching, stress management, job search, resume building and interviewing techniques. Last year, LifeLine served more than 250 individuals in the Grand Prairie ISD and had over a 90% success rate among families in the LifeLine program. Funds are requested to support LifeLine families with rent, and sometimes food and toiletries.

LifePath Foundation for LifePath Systems’ mission is to raise awareness for individuals and families impacted by behavioral health, intellectual & developmental challenges resulting in stronger communities. Core programs include Behavioral Health (Mental Health/Substance Use disorder), Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities, & Early Childhood Intervention services. LifePath Foundation has opened two new Behavioral Health programs in the past year. Additionally, LifePath Foundation served over 3,000 people and doubled its community outreach. Funding will support Early Childhood Intervention, Crisis services for IDD, and respite for individual developmental disabilities.

The LifeSavers Foundation rescues people in crisis through its free mobile medical ministry for children and goods from its resale store. Core programs include: The Doctor Spot (TDS), a mobile pediatric clinic that offers free medical services to uninsured and Medicaid-enrolled children; and Upscale Resale (UR), a thrift store that provides single and pregnant moms with diapers, car seats, portable cribs and clothing for the family. The TDS program is on track to serve1,800 patients in 2019, a 25% increase from 2018, and the UR program will serve 1,412 clients, a 56% increase over the previous 12 months. Funding will support general operating costs for The Doctor Spot Mobile Pediatric Clinic to assist underserved children in Dallas County.

Lighthouse for the Blind of Fort Worth seeks to provide unduplicated services at no charge to the blind to achieve independence through employment, specialized training and client services. Core programs include Industrial Operations, which creates jobs with benefits for the blind; Client Services, which provides resources, training and programs for children, youth, adults and seniors; and Community Outreach and Education through a Rehab on the Road RV. They served 3,000 clients at no charge and began a drug kit manufacturing operation. Funds will support Mission Optica, a new program that involves their blind labor force producing glasses for the sighted to donate to the low income population

Love Thy Neighbor is committed to supporting individuals and families who need food and clothing, and newborns born into economic or health crises. Love Thy Neighbor has 3 core programs, a kitchen program which provides lunch to homeless and needy that serves 120+ meals per weekday; a clothing program which provides clothing to families (3000 families last year); and providing blanket and clothes to families of children born into crisis situations (12,000 infants last year). In the past year, Love Thy Neighbor served 24,000 meals, provided 3000 families with clothing, and provided 12,000 newborns with blanket and clothing. Funding will support the purchase of food (especially protein) shoes, socks, fabric, and sewing materials.

Lutheran Social Services', dba Upbring, mission is to break the cycle of child abuse by empowering children, families, and communities. Key programs include BeREAL, a supervised independent living program that helps aged-out foster youth transition into adulthood; New Life & Krause, two residential treatment centers for girls 11 to 17 who have experienced severe trauma; and Foster in Texas, which trains families in the community. In 2018, 172 children were connected with forever homes and 357 brave girls were given a safe place to heal at our residential treatment centers. Funding will support outreach programs to help break the cycle of child abuse.

Methodist Children's Home (MCH) offers hope to children, youth and families through a nurturing, Christian Community. Founded in 1890, MCH is a nationally accredited, nonprofit childcare agency. MCH serves children and youth of Texas and New Mexico through residential group care in Waco,TX and through foster care, parent education and case management through their Dallas and 12 other family outreach offices. In 2018, they served 5,954 children/youth. Across all programs, clients reported a 95% or higher satisfaction rate. Funding will support foster care, parent education, family solutions, & gap services for grandparents and other relative caregivers.

Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance's mission is to lead the development of the homeless response system that will make homelessness in Dallas and Collin Counties rare, brief, and non-recurring. Programs include: 1) facilitation of $16 million in federal funding for homeless services programs; 2) administration of the Homeless Management Information System, serving 16,972, that drives improvement of homeless services; and 3) homeless solutions, ensuring every client receives the solution that matches their needs. In 2018, they conducted most extensive homeless count in Texas history, housed 140 homeless vets in 100 days, and provided 563 solutions to help folks end their homelessness. Funds are requeste for general operating support, to support their Flex Fund, and to support the transition to their new Homeless Management Information System.

Metroport Meals On Wheels’s (MMOW) mission is to help neighbors in alleviating hunger, isolation, and loneliness, and fostering independence, worth, and dignity for the elderly. Core programs include providing 47,800 home-delivered meals and visiting 379 individuals between the ages of 22 and 102 who were isolated for extended periods, 92% of whom could not pay for their meals. MMOW also served 40,096 senior center luncheon meals to over 1,000 individuals. Since 2017, MMOW has seen a 30% increase in total meals delivered. Additionally, in the past year, 85.3% of home delivery clients continued living independently. Funding will support home-delivered meals, senior center meals, support services (pantry staples, pet food assistance, etc.), and general operations.

The MHMR Foundation raises funds and fosters community support for the people and programs of My Health My Resources (MHMR). The MHMR Foundation supports the three main service areas of MHMR across 24 North Texas Counties, including Early Childhood Services; Behavioral Health and Substance Use Support; and Disability Services. The MHMR Foundation helped to support more than 6,000 people across all of MHMR's service areas. Funding will support specialized therapies for babies and children; helping veterans living in homelessness; mental health and substance use programs.

Mission Central empowers people in need to improve their own quality of life by providing support through emergency and long-term assistance programs. Mission Central serves its neighbors through two food pantries, which provide both groceries and opportunities to connect with other community resources; their Village Library after-school tutoring program; and their nascent-stage Career Center which will connect job seekers to living wage employment. In the last school year, 89% of their students ended the year with at least a B average. Last year they served 450 families per month at their pantry and they hosted their first Dress for Success class. Funds are requested to hire a staff position to launch their new Career Center. Funds are also requested for general operating support for both the food pantries and Village Library.

Mission Oak Cliff serves the community with compassion and dignity. Core programs include a client-choice food pantry and clothing closet that serves low-income families and people who are homeless; a Homeless Welcome Center providing daily lunch and showers; and adult education classes including ESL, Citizenship Preparation, and Job Skills. In 2018, Mission Oak Cliff served over 7,000 food insecure individuals and served an average of 388 lunches per month for homeless people. Funding will support the expansion of homeless services and increase the volume of food given out to families who are hungry.

My Possibilities seeks to courageously and relentlessly pursue the full, untapped possibilities of their Hugely Important People (HIPsters), making every day count. Their programs focus on vocational, socialization and independent living skills, health & fitness practices, and creative expression. Their approach encourages lifelong learning and independence, enhancing quality of life and the dignity of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. My Possibilities recently launched the MP Campus for Higher Learning, the first college-style campus for adults with disabilities, and they placed 50 HIPsters into jobs in 2019. Funds are needed to support their continuing education programs, capital funds for expansion of MP Campus for Higher Learning, and vocational programs.

New Friends New Life restores and empowers trafficked and sexually exploited women and girls with counseling, education, job coaching and more. Core programs include the Women’s Program, a four-phased program guiding adult survivors to independence through counseling, case management, and economic empowerment tools, and the Youth Resource Center (YRC), a drop-in center helping youth survivors and at-risk girls ages 12-24 avoid exploitation. In the past year, the Women’s Program saw a 90& increase in membership, recorded 1,100 YRC drop-ins, and hosted Governor Greg Abbott to sign 5 bills into law. Funding will support the expansion of the Women’s program’s capacity, including increasing counseling staff and space, to meet growing membership numbers.

NewDay Services for Children & Families' mission is to affect the lives of children at-risk of CPS/Court removal by empowering parents. NewDay walks beside them providing practical tools and life coaching. Their FOCUS for Mothers/Fathers Programs serve over 1,500 NTX parents each year. They help parents understand the vital role they play in their children’s lives and offer the parenting, communication, and life skills necessary to increase/maintain consistent parenting in difficult life circumstances. According to CPS, in 2018, FOCUS graduates showed an 80% increase in ability to make changes effecting child well-being and/or safety. Funding is requested to provide FOCUS for Mothers/Fathers programs in NTX. Loving, involved parents result in children with better overall wellbeing.

North Texas Food Bank’s mission is to close the hunger gap in North Texas by providing access to nutritious food. NTFB envisions a hunger-free, healthy North Texas. Core programs include their Main Program, which provides access to nutritious meals through a network of Partner Agencies; SNAP application assistance ensures the application process is simple and accessible; and Nutrition Education, which teaches families how to purchase and prepare healthy groceries. Last year, NTFB provided nearly 77 million nutritious meals, distributed 29.6 million pounds of fresh produce, and engaged over 41,000 volunteers. NTFB’s most urgent need is for unrestricted funding to feed hungry families, children and seniors.

Northside Inter-Community Agency (NICA) seeks to break the cycle of hunger and poverty by helping people help themselves. Programs include emergency services (food and clothing), social services, counseling, and education for families, homeless, elderly/disabled clients. The Good Works Senior Program helps elderly stay in their homes longer and Circle of Winners at Northside High School (which has one of the lowest graduation rates in Texas at 42.1%) helps low-income students stay in school and save for college. Overall, NICA serves 3,900 clients each month. The Good Works Senior Program has helped over 1,025 seniors stay in their homes, and 100% of Circle of Winners students have graduated high school/started college during the last 14 years. Funding is needed for food services.

Nurse Family Partnership's (NFP) vision is a future where all children are healthy, families thrive, communities prosper and the cycle of poverty is broken. NFP is an evidence-based, community health program that serves high-risk, low-income women who are pregnant with their first child. NFP moms are paired with a registered nurse in her first trimester through her child’s second birthday, visiting with her in the home to provide care, support, and coaching. Nurse Family Partnership currently enrolls 38,000 moms. Additionally, NFP sees a 48% reduction in child abuse and neglect, as well as a 30% decrease for months that mothers are on welfare. Funding will support the National Service Office that will help realize the NFP goals to serve 100,000 moms and families during a year by 2023.

One Man's Treasure seeks to empower men recently released from prison to the Dallas area by providing them with clothing and networking opportunities. One Man's Treasure's (OMT) core program provides sets of decent clothing that meets the clients' daily needs and is appropriate for job interviews and employment. The clothing and a resource guide for their other needs are delivered to the client at his residence by a male volunteer. OMT serves as a clothing resource for over 50 non-profit organizations and transition homes serving this population and served over 1430 men in 2018. Funding wil purchase clothing and shoes, provide clothing delivery costs, and operating support for OMT’s Client Identification Initiative.

Operation Blue Shield provides comprehensive programs that unite citizens and first responders to improve lives, build trust and create economic opportunity in underserved communities. Core mentorship programs integrate first responders/civic leaders to help inmates reentering workforce/community and build trust via community engagement of African American barber/beauty shop owners. Reach1/Teach1 Scholarships provide year long mentoring of underserved students applying for secondary education. The programs have received the Department of Justice Distinguished Service Policing Award. Funds will support operations and expansion of Shop Talk, award 5 Reach1/Teach1 scholarships and implement a Hope for Prisoners-Dallas reentry program.

Our Daily Bread envisions a community where everyone enjoys a life of independence, dignity and hope. Core programs are designed to address hunger, homelessness, and health inequities through the delivery of well-balanced meals and comprehensive wrap-around supportive services which promote wellness and self-sufficiency. In 2018, Our Daily Bread delivered more than 100,000 meals and 45,000 supportive services to 1,600 individuals experiencing hunger and homelessness. Funds are needed to support costs associated with meal and supportive service programs which are aimed at preventing and eliminating homelessness.

Our Friends Place helps young women break generational cycles of abuse, neglect, poverty and homelessness through empowering self-reliance and independence. Transitional Living Centers (TLCs) for homeless young women age 18-24 provide a home, case management and critical life skills, while they go to school, a job and build savings; SOAR to Success provides group mentoring to at-risk youth age 12-24 building critical life skills to prevent homelessness. In 2018, 76% of TLC young women increased savings (avg $739); 82% in SOAR to Success increased job skills and education level for better employability in 2018. Funds will support general operating costs to empower young women in their Transitional Living Centers and nonresidential SOAR to Success program.

OurCalling is to glorify God by leading people to Christ and by making disciples on the street. Core programs include Homeless Outreach Center, a facility located just south of Downtown Dallas that provides daily felt need services, case management, and ministry to hundreds of homeless individuals. Other programs include Search & Rescue, and Technology for Good App Development. OurCalling provides services for 300-500 people daily. Teams visit over 1,000 homeless camps annually. OurCalling App has given 2,000,000+ referrals. Funding will support additional outreach teams, App development, and ongoing care ministry at OurCalling.

Pamper Lake Highlands meets the immediate needs of impoverished families by providing dual-generational services at the earliest stages to mothers and children. Core programs include workforce and mental health services, onsite early childhood education, innovative empowerment curriculum, and basic needs services that are transforming the lives of women and their children. In 2018, 90% of clients enrolled in postsecondary education/entered living wage jobs. 100% of teachers are former clients. Funding is requested for general operating and programming for their early childhood education, innovative empowerment curriculum, and basic needs services.

Pathways empowers caregivers to create nurturing environments where children in foster care can thrive while healing from abuse, neglect, and trauma. Pathways’ CPA licenses foster and adoptive families who nurture and provide stable homes for children with basic and specialized needs. Pathways' Mosaic division provides easy access to behavioral health services and offers in-home and community-based appointments in the evening and on weekends. Last year, 128 children were placed in Pathways’ foster and adoptive homes in North Texas and 250 children received behavioral health services. Funding will support the recruitment and licensing of new foster and adoptive families as well as the expansion of services offered by Mosaic.

Positive Reflection Ministries’ mission is to make positive, sustainable changes to quality education and services that empower families, schools, and communities. Core programs consist of their Feeding the Community (FTC) food pantry, Nutrition Class, and a Financial Literacy program teaching youth and adults how to budget and start their own business. In the past year, Positive Reflection Ministries has served over 7,000 individuals through their food pantry and saw a 50% increase in savings. Additionally, Positive Reflection Ministries will open a new location in June of 2020. Funding will support general operating costs for the Utility Assistance Program, Food Pantry Program, CPR Program, and Financial Literacy Program.

Prelude Clubhouse, a part of Clubhouse International, helps adults with mental illness live more productively through meaningful work & relationships. The Clubhouse offers a structured, work-ordered day, after-hours socials and events for fun and fellowship, and assistance with transitional employment, transportation, education, housing, and more, in order to effectively help members live more productively and prevent isolation. Prelude developed a transportation program, increased membership to 30+, and increased awareness of new location/program with folder campaign. Funding will support the Clubhouse's transportation program and staff salaries to be able to open more days per week.

Promise House moves youth in crisis toward safety and success. Promise House’s vision is to ensure every youth has a safe and nurturing place to call home. Promise House provides life-saving care and wraparound services to homeless youth ages 0-24. Promise House also provides gateway services, crisis intervention, emergency shelter, long-term transitional living, comprehensive case management, trauma-informed counseling, educational support, and outreach. In FY18, Promise House served 1,881 youth and families, answered 1,185 crisis calls from youth and provided 20,000 bed nights to youth in need. Funds are needed to support the Emergency Youth Shelter and trauma-informed clinical services.

Restored Hope Ministries helps women and children who have been sexually exploited and trafficked, providing all human services. Restored Hope Ministries provides food, clothing, shelter, medical, dental, education, ID Recovery, computer & job search training, drug addiction, parenting, self-help, conflict resolution, art, dance, exercise, permanent housing, warrant & fines recovery, college & or vocational assistance and unconditional love. Restored Hope Ministries core program has a 99% success rate. Additionally, Restored Hope Ministries recently completed remodeling a 16-unit apartment complex for women and children. Funding will support human services, capital for repairs and new construction, and general operating program expenses.

Helping Hands strives to ensure that no one in Rockwall County goes to bed hungry, without a roof overhead or is deprived of needed medical care. Core programs include Assistance & Referral with Food Pantry, providing a hand up in times of crisis & basic needs; Health Center, providing affordable healthcare to those with or without insurance, to those without a medical home, & to those seeking a low-cost alternative; and Thrift Store vouchers. In the past year, Helping Hands served over 7,500 Rockwall County residents in crisis, distributed over 190,000 pounds of food, and performed over 9,000 Office Visits. Funding will support the Social Services program/Assistance & Referrals, Health Center Expansion, and Education Empowerment classes for budgeting and nutrition.

The mission of SafeHaven of Tarrant County is to end domestic violence through safety, support, prevention, and social change. SafeHaven of Tarrant County serves domestic violence survivors. They offer 24-hour care at emergency shelters for families fleeing violent situations. When leaving shelter, SafeHaven provides survivors with a safety net of services and support for establishing and sustaining self-sufficiency. In fiscal year 2019, SafeHaven protected 1,578 women and children in shelter, and 95% of survivors' safety increased due to SafeHaven's services. Funds are requested to support SafeHaven's general operating costs, emergency shelter, crisis and outreach, and PAIP expansion.

Serve Denton partners with nonprofits to help make their services more accessible for people in need. Serve Denton fulfills its mission by providing a newly renovated space at approximately 50% below market cost, utilities, internet, janitorial, security, meeting space, and other amenities at a discounted rate, and continuing education in nonprofit leadership topics and collaboration opportunities. In the past year, Serve Denton has attained 100% capacity for nonprofit tenants, and have raised $8.3M of $10.1M Capital Campaign. Funding will support their capital campaign and general operating costs for their nonprofit programs.

Services of Hope’s mission is to transform the lives of low to moderate-income families through wraparound social services, financial literacy/education, and workforce development. Core programs include Mobile Community Pantries, Job Training for single partners, Community Pantries, Financial classes. And Workforce Job Training. Through their Community pantries, they were able to provide services to over 6,000 people. Additionally, their financial classes provided education to over 200 people. Funding will support their Mobile Community Pantries as well as a stipend for their workforce training program.

The Shaken Baby Alliance provides support for victim families and professionals, to prevent child abuse, and to provide justice for the innocent victims of child abuse. Core programs include: Victim Family Services, Professional Support (Training and Case Consultation for law enforcement, investigators, first responders and other child welfare professionals), and Prevention Education (for high school students, childcare providers, and the community). Since 1998, we aided 5,000+ victim family members, trained 20,000+ professionals, consulted on 1,964 child abuse cases, and trained 8,000+ hs students. Funds are requested to support their free victim family services and high school prevention education programs, and case consultations.

Share Housing Center, Inc. (SHC) offers housing solutions with supportive services, focusing on economic, employment and academic achievements. SHC serves homeless single parents. Through several partnerships, SHC offers services to enhance the financial stability of clients to livable wages; vocational training and employment opportunities that can lead to long-term careers and supportive services to assist the children to become stable and lead healthy lives. Share Housing Center, Inc. families see an 85% success rate of staying stable in their own housing upon exit; 45% of families clean up their debt; and 95% of children complete high school. Funding will support the newest community, the Green Haus community, and the purchase of basic essentials (bed/bath linens, pots & pans, and hygiene products).

Austin Street Center provides safe shelter and meets the basic needs of the most vulnerable homeless. Each client served through Austin Street Center has access to core services, which include basic needs (shelter, safe place to sleep, food, clothing, and showers), housing-first case management, and employment navigation. Austin Street Center served 3,008 in FY2018, 16.5% increase from FY2017. They are also a collaborative partner of free transportation for homeless, and won the MDHA Case Manager of the Year Award. Funding for general operations will support life-changing services, from basic needs to programs designed to end an individual’s homelessness.

Shine Therapy's mission is to provide oncology massage and/or lymphedema therapy to cancer patients and survivors in Tarrant and surrounding counties. Services include Oncology Massage, a professional massage specifically designed to safely nurture the body, mind and spirit of those dealing with cancer; Manual Lymphatic Drainage, which uses specific amounts of pressure and rhythmic circular movements to stimulate lymph flow; and Caregiver Massage. Shine Therapy has partnered with UNTHSC to be a part of the FitSteps for Life program, and completed their rebranding campaign in January. Funds are needed to support the launch of their new program at FitSteps for Life and also to help support their Executive Director to shift from part-time to full-time.

Solutions of North Texas' (SoNTX') mission is fighting addiction one family at a time. Core programs include residential services, outpatient treatment, and court services. SoNTX served over 1,900 individuals in 2018, obtained Joint Commission accreditation in 2019, and built a new outpatient treatment center in 2018. Funding will support the expansion of our women's program, ambulatory detox, or general operating.

Taste Project’s mission is to feed, educate, and serve the community so that they may “…taste and see the Lord is good.” Psalm 34:8. Taste Project’s core program is a pay-what-you-can restaurant called Taste Community Restaurant. At Taste Community Restaurant, there are no prices on the menu. Guests can 1) pay what they can afford; 2) pay what they typically pay; or 3) pay a little extra to help someone in need. In the past year, Taste Project was listed as #74 on Yelp’s Top 100 Places to Eat in the US, and named Best of Fort Worth for the atmosphere. In October of 2019, Taste Project served its 50,000th guest. Funding will support the cost of meals for those in need at the Taste Community Restaurant. Today, 41% of the people served by Taste Project are in need.

Texas Tenants' Union's mission is to empower tenants through education and organizing to protect their rights, preserve their homes, and improve their living conditions. Core programs include: 1) Tenant Education - prevent evictions, homelessness, and sub-standard living conditions for low-income renters; 2) Policy Advocacy - advance tenants’ rights in the Texas Legislature and in Dallas housing policy with active participation from tenants directly impacted; and 3) organize tenants facing displacement. In 2018, they conducted workshops reaching over 1,200 tenants with 100% stating they would recommend it to others, and stopped Bryan Song tenants from becoming homeless. Funds are requested for general operating support, to print new handbook of tenants' rights, to send tenants to national leadership training.

The Awareness Project seeks to make a difference in the world, starting first in their community. Core programs include the FreshStart Program, which provides food, clothing, furniture for families in need; career coaching & resources; community service and donation drives. They also manage Dapper Inc, a hip & trendy resale, thrift shop, Dapper Cafe, a coffee, tea, and food cafe, and a food pantry for families in need. The program is powered by over 500 active volunteers that assist with community service projects, environmental clean ups,and awareness campaigns. Funds will support upgrades to their food pantry, including kitchen upgrades & expansion, operation costs & administration work, as well as community project supplies and equipment.

The Bridge endeavors to reduce adult homelessness in Dallas through comprehensive recovery services to allow people to overcome barriers to housing. Core programs include day shelter services on a safe campus with climate-controlled buildings to escape the harsh Texas elements and hygiene services; one-on-one care management sessions with highly qualified social workers to overcome barriers to housing; and three nutritious meals a day in the on-campus dining hall . In the past year, The Bridge transitioned 360 individuals into housing, provided 6,063 individuals with care coordination, and piloted a therapy and counseling program. Funding will support general homeless recovery service operations including meals, day and night shelter, and maintaining a safe and clean environment.

The Coventry Reserve respects, challenges, and supports adults with special needs through creative therapeutic programs in a Christ-centered environment. The Coventry Reserve’s distinctive day program for adults with special needs offers life enrichment opportunities, creative and therapeutic activities in core brain building and creative skills programs as well as in art and horticulture classes providing a full, active and engaging day for participants. Since Coventry's inception, they have served over 90 unique individuals and their families. Currently, The Coventry Reserve impacts the lives of 45 people in their program. Participants' tuition only covers 50% of the cost of the program. Funding will support the 50% of tuition not covered by client payment.

The Family Place empowers family violence victims by providing safe housing, counseling and skills that create independence. Our core programs include emergency shelter services to save lives, transitional housing to provide long-term support to help victims become strong survivors, and counseling for adults and children to help victims heal and learn to live healthy lives free from violence. We will shelter 1,700 victims; 50% wil improve financial stability, 60% will not return to abusers, and 90% will gain skills to break the cycle of violence. Funds are needed to provide transportation to our three emergency shelters, warm beds and food, and counseling and support.

The Gatehouse is a place and program where women and children in crisis discover a new path for permanent change. The Gatehouse is not a shelter — they fill the gap in the community between short-term services and permanent self-supportiveness. The Gatehouse provides a place and program that offers safe refuge, ample time, practical resources and healthy relationships for permanent change. Since opening a Grapevine campus in 2015, The Gatehouse has given a hand up to over 203 women, 268 children, and graduated over 84 Members. Funding will support safety/housing/basics; counseling; health/wellness care; personal development; legal aid; child- and teen-based wraparound services.

The mission of The Global Orphan Project (GO Project) is to break the orphan cycle through the power of community, commerce, and the love of Jesus. Their primary U.S. intervention is CarePortal, a technology platform that connects local children and families in crisis to the resources and relationships of local people who want to help. CarePortal is active in 20 states, including throughout North Texas. Nationally, CarePortal served more than 16,000 children in the past year, including more than 2,400 in Texas. Funding will support CarePortal operations throughout North Texas, including expansion to serve children and families in Dallas County in 2020.

The Ladder Alliance's mission is to provide women victims of domestic violence or low-income women with tools to lead self-sufficient, successful and independent lives. The Ladder Alliance provides three distinct programs to ready women to either enter or return to the workforce: the Basic Computer Skills Training program, the Professional Office Skills Training program and Microsoft Office Specialist Training. In 2018, they served 253 individuals, and 100% of their graduates reported an increase in self-esteem. Funding is requested to support programming and general operating expenses.

The Salvation Army's mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination. Core programs include services that provide emergency and transitional shelter to the homeless, alleviate poverty through the provision of emergency aid and life skills training, and treat addiction through personalized treatment plans and professional counseling. In 2018, the Army provided $2.3M in financial assistance, sheltered 6,583 individuals and provided addiction recovery services to 2,319 men and women. Funding is requested for general operating costs for their homeless recovery, poverty alleviation, and substance abuse treatment programs.

The Stewpot of First Presbyterian offers a safe haven for homeless and at-risk individuals, providing resources for basic survival needs as well as opportunities to start a new life. Core programs include Client Services (IDs, casework, basic needs, health care) for people experiencing or at‐risk for homelessness; Children, Youth & Family Program (educational programs, food) for families at risk for homelessness; Meal Services at The Bridge; and Enrichment & Workforce Program. In 2018, 1,895 Stewpot clients acquired state IDs; 527 people became eligible for housing because the Stewpot helped them get birth certificates; 12 Stewpot Scholars graduated with their BA. Funding will support general operating funds that are most needed to support services benefiting individuals and families experiencing and at risk of homelessness in Dallas.

The Storehouse of Collin County’s mission is to feed, clothe and care as neighbors in one community. Core programs include providing food through their Seven Loaves Food Pantry, supplying clothing through Joseph’s Coat, and providing relationship-based, in-depth mentoring for women who desire to transform their lives and their family’s trajectory through Project Hope. In 2018, The Storehouse distributed food to 11,795 families, clothing to 10,491 individuals, and provided more than 20 hours per week of free mental health services. Funding is requested for food acquisition costs, food delivery to senior centers, and operating costs of core Storehouse programs.

The Turning Point's mission is to provide counseling, education, and advocacy for those impacted by sexual violence. Core programs include counseling and advocacy for survivors of sexual assault; community engagement and education for prevention and awareness; mobile sexual assault nurse examiner teams. In 2019 they had a 31% increase in counseling, 38% increase in legal advocacy, and 24% increase of people touched by the community education program. Funding will support prevention education, mental health counseling, and forensic nursing/advocacy.

The mission of The Warren Center is to advocate, serve, and empower the children and families impacted by developmental delays and disabilities. The Warren Center serves children with developmental delays & disabilities and their families by providing Early Childhood Intervention programming (birth to 3 years), Clinic Therapy (ages 3-5 years) and Family Education and Support. No one is turned away from The Warren Center for their inability to pay. In the past year, The Warren Center served more than 1,000 children each week. Additionally, 99% of children served showed significant progress when receiving Specialized Skills Training. Because Medicaid and insurance only cover 48% of therapy cost and no child is denied for a lack of insurance/ability to pay, funding is needed to help cover the gap.

The Way Back House provides resources for persons with criminal backgrounds to establish themselves as residents of the free world community. Core programs include the Way Back Reentry Center where clients can develop a resume, one-on-one computer tutoring, job referrals, housing options, and other employment-related assistance. Halfway house residents are provided job readiness training, clothing, and access to eye exams and glasses. Over 1,300 Way Back House clients have obtained employment. Over 4,000 clients have enrolled in the Way Back Reentry Center. Additionally, the Way Back House has conducted 177 Job Ready Boot Camps. Funding will support general operating costs, especially outreach to the State and Federal halfway houses located in Southern Dallas County.

The Women's Center of Tarrant County seeks to inspire and empower women, men and children to overcome violence, crisis and poverty. Core programs include Rape Crisis & Victim Services that help victims heal from the effects of sexual assault and child sexual abuse and educates on sexual violence; Employment Solutions that increase economic independence; and General Counseling that addresses crises and improves emotional well-being. 135,000+ kids learned to prevent/stop sexual abuse. 92% of clients who found jobs remained employed after 1 year. 100% of seniors served reduced depression. Funds are needed to support theirthree core program areas: Rape Crisis & Victim Services, Employment Solutions, and General Counseling.

This Side UP! Family's mission is to move all families from surviving to Thriving. Core Programs include Family Connection Nights (opportunities for families to spend intentional time together with an emphasis on a different family value or skill), Marriage or Partnership Strengthening, and Single Parent Support with activities like support groups and clothing give-aways. In the past year, This Side UP! Family hired its first full time employee and served over 400 families in the DFW area. Funding will support an increase of staffing to expand programming for family connection nights and single parent support.

Trusted World (TW) is committed to providing the best resources, at no cost, to people or organizations who are providing services on someone else’s behalf. Trusted World core programs are designed to relieve the non-profit communities burden of sourcing, collecting, sorting and storing resources such as clothing, shoes, toiletries and nonperishable food. TW has over 200 network partners, clothed, fed or assisted over 7 million people; and .93 cents of every dollar donated to TW goes directly to programs. Funding will support general operating costs for donation management programs - rent, salaries, staff, and insurance.

The mission of Tyler Street Community Service Outreach (TSCSO) is to contribute to the health, security, happiness, longevity, and usefulness of the economically disadvantaged. Core programs include a no-cost clothing bank that provides baby/adult diapers, hygiene items, homeless food packs, bus vouchers, and houseware items. Tyler Street CSO also provides social work referral services and seasonal outreach programs, such as School Supplies, Christmas Gifts, or Food Baskets. In 2019, TSCSO served over 2,100 individuals, provided fully stocked backpacks to 158 students and provided Christmas Food Baskets to 150 families. Funding will support the purchase of bus vouchers, providing financial assistance to clients, and the general operating costs of the facility.

Union Gospel Mission Dallas offers God’s hope to the homeless in Dallas, providing food, shelter, job training, healthcare, counseling, and affordable housing to those in need. Core programs of Union Gospel Mission Dallas include job readiness training and placement, in which partner businesses train clients for well-paying jobs with benefits, the Discipleship Program, which helps clients obtain employment and housing, and their shelters, where they provide meals, clothing, and a safe place to sleep. In the past year, Union Gospel Mission Dallas served 72% of the homeless in Dallas, sheltering and feeding over 650 clients per day. Funding will support the Crystal Child Development Center, the Discipleship Program, and daily food, clothing, and shelter.

The mission of United Way of Metropolitan Dallas (United Way) is to improve lives in the community. United Way puts opportunity into the hands of North Texans by building the capacity of nonprofit organizations to address complex community challenges. Core programming includes the Social Innovation Accelerator (SIA), which provides social innovators essential financial, human, and social capital. Since its inception, 46 SIA Fellows leveraged $2.7 million in funding to raise an additional $14.4 million in capital and have forged 607 partnerships. Funding will support the implementation of the Bootcamp and mentoring components of SIA for a new class of 10 Fellows, launching in Spring 2020.

Unlocking DOORS'® envisions the creation of a safer community by way of a single point of coordination for former offenders to become self-sufficient. Unlocking DOORS'® core program, Reentry Brokerage® consists of comprehensive risk/needs assessment, individualized Reentry Brokerage® Plan, referrals to one or more of Unlocking DOORS’® 270 Community Network Partners and other service providers, and ongoing Monitoring and Assistance. Unlocking DOORS'® sees success in its recidivism rate of 11%, as compared to the Texas rate of 24%, over 4,700 individuals served to date, and 270 partners to date. Funding will support the creation of a NEW electronic Partner Referral Portal, Reentry Brokerage® program operating costs, and website revision.

The mission of the Vogel Alcove is to help young children overcome the lasting and traumatic effects of homelessness. Core Programs include Early Childhood Education Services, Health & Nutrition Services, Mental Health Services, and Family Support Services. In the past year, Vogel Alcove served 278 homeless children, assessed 89% of infants, and assessed 79% of preschool children as kindergarten-ready. Funding will support early childhood services, health/ Mental health services, and Parent Opportunity Center services.

Volunteers of America Texas' (VOAT's) mission is to help the vulnerable through substance treatment, housing assistance, assistance with reentry from jails, employment and disability services. VOAT’s Resolana program annually provides over 500 women incarcerated at the Dallas County Jail services to assist them in identifying and addressing the core issues underlying their criminal justice involvement. After release, clients can reconnect for case management, emergency and emotional support. Over 3 years, Resolana increased the number of women served post-release by 161% and boasts an 18% recidivism rate. (Dallas County has a rate of 28%.)
Funds will support emergency needs of women recently released from the Dallas Jail, often including groceries, bus passes, clothing, and deposits.

Wesley-Rankin Community Center provides education and resources to drive community transformation in West Dallas. Core programs include afterschool programs and a summer camp for children and youth, a learning difference program in partnership with the June Shelton School, adult education classes, and senior citizen wellness initiatives. Recent successes include becoming CNM-Verified, a distinction that means Wesley-Rankin makes quality decisions based on data. Funding will support the expansion of the learning difference program from serving 13 students to fifty students over a three-year span.

White Rock Center of Hope, Inc. (WRCH) makes a difference in people's lives by providing a place where the community can help satisfy basic human needs. Core programs include a food pantry, a clothes closet, and emergency bill pay assistance for rent or utilities. WRCH is a volunteer driven safety-net for east Dallas neighbors in five zip codes. Aging volunteers donate time, talent and treasure to serve neighbors in need, are involved and stay active. In 2018, WRCH saw 3,001 families (6,873 unique people), shared 573,720 pounds of food, 77,027 items of clothing, and $105,116. 90% of clients came 3x or less. Funds are requested for general operating expenses for these emergency assistance programs and supplement areas of greatest need as necessary.

The mission of WiNGS is to empower women, fight poverty and impact generations. WiNGS is dedicated to addressing the most critical needs of women in Dallas County, offering programs in the areas of financial capability and work skills support, pregnancy and parenting education, and small business development. In 2018-19, WiNGS served 1,986 clients (93% female, 60% female-head of household, 44% earned income below $24,250). Funds will support programs that help low-income moms pregnant with their first child, women looking to start a business, and financial literacy services.

Women Rock's mission is saving and changing lives by increasing awareness and early detection of breast cancer and providing hope and support to all. Two of their main program areas are: 1) Images of Hope - provides funding for breast imaging services; and 2) Provisions of Hope - provides financial assistance for everyday life essentials and treatment-related expenses during breast cancer treatment, which continue to realize steady growth every year. Women Rock fulfilled 1,200 requests for services in 2018 and initiated partnerships with nurse navigators and two other breast cancer nonprofits. Funds are requested to support their flagship programs in Collin County as well as much of the greater DFW area.

Workers Defense Project (WDP) empowers low-income workers to achieve fair employment. Core programs include Employment & Legal Services, which helps immigrant workers who have not been paid for their work; Organizing, which trains workers to become leaders; and Better Builder & Policy, which advocates for policies that improve working conditions and keep immigrants safe. WDP served more than 400 DFW workers in 2018 and won an ordinance that guarantees paid sick time for Dallas workers. Funding will support general operating costs for WDP’s three programs.

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