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Fund Investment Strategy

Communities Foundation of Texas’ investment strategies are designed for different levels of risk tolerance and time horizons, so that each donor can meet his or her unique philanthropic objectives.

CFT offers an short-term fund and five investment funds consisting of a broadly diversified mix of active and passively managed assets:

  • Balanced
  • Growth
  • Income
  • Short-Term
  • Social Impact
  • Endowment
If a donor-advised fund established at CFT has an asset balance of more than $1 million, the donor may request an external manager, subject to CFT’s Investment Committee approval. As with any investment, past performance does not guarantee comparable future returns.
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Investment Committee

The investment committee of the board oversees a stable of carefully vetted and regularly assessed investment managers.


G. Stacy Smith (Chair)

Committee Chairman Founder
Trinity Investment Group

Greg Campbell

President & CEO
Rainmaker, Inc.

Rakesh Dahiya

Chief Investment Officer
Southern Methodist University

Mark Freeman

Socorro Asset Management

José (Pepe) Guevara

Founding Managing Director
Millstone Assets

Nicole Small

LH Capital, Inc. and Lyda Hill Philanthropies

John Stephens

Retired SVP & CFO

Jim Berry

Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Communities Foundation of Texas

Gary Samberson

Chief Investment Officer
Communities Foundation of Texas

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