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When thinking about the right vehicle for your ongoing philanthropic giving, there are significant advantages to donor-advised funds.


Private Foundations work with Communities Foundation of Texas in 3 key ways:

Option 1: Take advantage of our Customized Philanthropy Services

Communities Foundation of Texas offers guidance on the art and science of giving effectively and provides full-service support for your administrative needs. Our professional, dedicated staff can help you accomplish your giving goals — starting with advice and due diligence on local nonprofits to final execution of grant agreements.

Option 2: Donate the annual required payout

If you have trouble meeting your private foundation's annual 5% payout requirement, Communities Foundation of Texas can assist by accepting contributions from this payout. Because a private foundation's contribution to CFT is a "qualifying distribution" and counts toward the 5% payout, you can donate all or part of the payout to a donor-advised fund. Then, we can help you distribute the money, or you can donate it to CFT’s Community Impact Fund and the money will be distributed through our grantmaking strategies.

Option 3: Convert the foundation into a donor-advised fund

Simplicity, flexibility and satisfaction are just a few of the advantages of using a donor-advised fund at Communities Foundation of Texas instead of managing your own private foundation. Continue your charitable giving without the burdensome administrative costs, IRS requirements, compliance regulations and excise tax payments associated with a private foundation. Rolling over your private foundation into a named donor-advised fund gives you the ability to maintain the same name, identity and charitable goals, while our experienced staff facilitates all the necessary legal and administrative steps for you.

Private Foundation Conversion PDF



"Not only do I trust CFT to be a partner in my giving, but my company has done service through CFT for Business for many years. Overall, working with CFT helps you build a very good network in the nonprofit world." — Gurvendra Suri, donor-advised fund holder at CFT / Founder, Beyond Borders Foundation / CEO, Optimal Solutions

What are your charitable goals?

CFT's philanthropic experts are here to work with you to develop your personal, strategic charitable giving plan. Contact us today for a confidential consultation.

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