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What to Give

Communities Foundation of Texas welcomes a broad range of assets—both current and deferred—in order to fulfill your philanthropic intent consistent with your financial and estate plans.

We provide the knowledge, expertise and due diligence to evaluate, receive, manage and liquidate contributions in the most caring, efficient and tax-favorable manner. We look forward to working with you in the creation of a donor-advised fund, a designated fund for a beloved organization, a charitable gift annuity or other gift arrangement that best meets your charitable goals.

Our goal is to assist you and your financial advisors in making your gift a reality and/or to collaborate on a gift plan that meets your financial and philanthropic objectives.

Simply call or email Carolyn Newham to get started at 214-750-4146.


In addition to cash and marketable securities (stocks, bonds and shares on mutual funds), we work with our donors and their professional advisors to facilitate the contribution of:

Closely-held and Restricted Stock Contributing closely-held or restricted stock can be cost-effective ways to maximize philanthopic options while minimizing tax liability.
Business/Partnership Interests A donor can contribute a whole or partial interest in an investment or business.
Tangible Personal Property Examples of tangible personal property include rare books, furniture and artwork.
Real Estate A gift of real estate may be a principal residence or vacation home, a farm, a commercial building, a subdivision lot, or unimproved land.
Oil, Gas and Mineral Rights Mineral rights or oil and gas assets can be contributed to Communities Foundation of Texas.
Retirement Plan Assets

Gifts of retirement plan assets can maximize charitable contributions while reducing highly taxable distributions.

Gift of Life Insurance

We accept many life insurance plans.

Gift Comparisons

Current Gift:
A donation you make now can be used promptly to meet urgent needs.
How It's Done Your Advantages
Securities or real estate Give appreciated assets you have owned longer than one year. You receive income tax and capital gains tax benefits.
Charitable lead trust Fund a trust you create that provides payments to CFT for a term of years, then pays the remainder to family members or beneficiaries of your choice. This is a smart way for anyone in high estate and gift tax brackets to benefit charitable causes and pass principal to others with reduced estate or gift taxes.
Deferred Gift:
A deferred gift is a planned contribution that you arrange now to benefit others later- perhaps after your lifetime.
How It's Done Your Advantages
Bequest Through your will or living trust, contribute to CFT cash, property or a share of your estate's residue. It is revocable at any time and allows you to keep your assets should you need them during your lifetime.
Retirement plan Name CFT as primary beneficiary of a percentage or all of your retirement plan or IRA. This gift eliminates income taxation on distribution after your lifetime. Plus, it's revocable.
Life estate agreement Deed to CFT your personal residence or farm now, but retain the right to live there for life.


You avoid the hassles of selling and you secure income tax savings now.

Life Income Gift:
The gift plan ensures you (and even a survivor) an income for life, as well as substantial savings.
How It's Done  Your Advantages
Charitable remainder trust After you obtain income for life from assets you place in a trust, CFT recieves the remainder. You receive tax benefits and fixed or variable payments for life.
Charitable gift annuity You agree to make a gift of cash or other assets and, in return, CFT provides you with lifetime payments. You receive tax benefits and fixed payments for life.


Are You Ready to Get Started?

CFT's philanthropic experts are here to work with you to develop your personal, strategic charitable giving plan. Contact us today for a confidential consultation about a giving program to fit your needs.

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