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Investing In Our Neighbors

"CFT was the perfect avenue for us to dig deep to make a difference in Collin County."


The Rineharts moved to Collin County in 2000, when it used to be a few factories and a lot of tree farms. “We have lived a lot of places where we ‘needed’ to go for our careers, and Collin County is where we chose to go,” said Brian. “Once we got here, we knew this is where we wanted to be. We love it here.”

“There has been tremendous economic opportunity, but it’s important that each of our neighbors has an opportunity to come along on Collin County’s journey of growth. There are a lot of challenges and quiet needs here that many people don’t see,” noted Brian.

 “CFT was the perfect avenue for us to dig deep to make a difference in Collin County. We trust CFT and had a history here through our past involvement with North Texas Giving Day. We wanted to make a big investment in where we live, and that’s why we made a significant investment in CFT’s Collin County Impact Fund. We considered remaining anonymous, but we knew it was important to put our name out there to show how much we care in the hopes that we can inspire others to consider contributing to the fund,” said Tracy.

“We still have our favorite causes we’re going to give to, but supporting the Collin County Impact Fund has been a way for us to learn of new and growing needs that aren’t the most obvious. The team at CFT vets the nonprofit applications for funding and we trust CFT’s data-driven approach. We’re confident in CFT’s ability to deploy the funds in the most effective and thoughtful way,” said Brian.

In addition to supporting the Collin County Impact Fund, the Rineharts established a donor-advised fund at CFT. “The Rinehart Family Fund at CFT is an opportunity to make giving back even more of a family process. We really wanted it to be beyond just the two of us,” said Tracy. “Our children already have a heart for service, and our hope is that our family fund will help them think through what’s important to them and what they’re passionate about, and how it fits into the big picture of their lives.”

Tomorrow our future will be brighter

Tomorrow our future will be brighter

Help and hope for expecting mothers

Thanks to the passion of donors like the Nicol family, this little girl was born a happy and healthy baby. The Life Shines Bright Pregnancy Program, an initiative of the Methodist Health System, provides resources for at-risk expectant mothers to help reduce the risk of preterm birth.

Pearl C. Anderson: Her Dream Lives On

Pearl C. Anderson: Her Dream Lives On

The charitable fund Pearl C. Anderson created in 1955 still supports the community today

When CFT began 60 years ago in 1953, it was known as the Dallas Community Chest Trust Fund. The first major gift to the Dallas Community Chest Trust Fund was in 1955 from Pearl C. Anderson. She was an African- American grocer and widow of a local physician. Her gift was a future interest to the trust in a prime piece of land in downtown Dallas valued at $325,000.