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Working Side by Side to Simplify a Donor's Life

September 16, 2019

Beverly Brown finds joy converting family foundation to CFT fund 

Beverly Brown is a fifth-generation native Texan with a quick smile, who grew up in Farmers Branch. As a child, she would often accompany her mom to area charities where they volunteered to help others who were homeless or hungry. Those early lessons have fueled Beverly’s heart for giving back through active volunteerism, board leadership and donor support. 

In adulthood, Beverly took on the responsibility of managing a family foundation, which was established when her father passed. Together with her husband, Matthew, a Park Cities chiropractor, she maintained a bustling household of five children while pursuing  a career in education. At the same time, she deepened  her volunteerism and grant support of multiple  North Texas and Colorado grassroots charities that  serve disadvantaged women and families, as well as educational causes.

Last year, when working alongside her estate attorney, Larry Wolfish, founder of Wolfish and Newman, P.C., and her CPA, Ronnie McClure, of SeekingNorth, LLC, Beverly expressed the desire to simplify the administrative oversight of her family foundation. With her children grown, she was looking to enjoy more time for volunteer activities and for travel with Matthew to Denver where the couple of 31 years maintains a second home.

Larry suggested that Beverly consider transitioning her private foundation to a donor-advised fund at CFT. Ronnie, Beverly’s tax advisor, echoed the recommendation as it would eliminate the reporting and administrative costs that Beverly was incurring to manage her foundation, while at the same time maintaining the grantmaking capabilities that she needed.So, together Beverly and Ronnie met with CFT to discuss a long list of Beverly’s questions. Satisfied that she could continue her charitable gifting according to her plans, Beverly opened a donor-advised fund at CFT in 2017, which she established with the transfer of her family foundation assets. 


To learn more about working with CFT for your charitable giving needs, contact Kathryn McGill, advisor relations officer, at or 214-750-4145.

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