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In April 2018, Communities Foundation of Texas commissioned the Dallas Economic Opportunity Assessment of Dallas County, a comprehensive analysis of the region's economic opportunity for all.

The Center for Public Policy Priorities conducted the assessment, which seeks to illustrate the challenges and define the underlying factors that threaten economic prosperity in the Dallas area. Not only does financial insecurity destabilize families, it also jeopardizes the long-term vitality of cities and local economies. Now is the time to empower people and programs across our community.

"Success for our city will only be attained when all people have a path to success. This study helps us examine some of the key issues that our citizens are facing. We are tackling them head on and looking for new, innovative ways to make better progress faster." Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings
"Knowledge empowers the individual, leaders in the private sector and the city to identify the problem and align — and in some cases realign — its priorities, practices and resources to produce better outcomes individually and collectively." Kimberly Williams, Chief Executive Officer, Interfaith Family Services

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At Communities Foundation of Texas, we are deeply committed to making a profound and measurable impact in the economic success across the North Texas community. If you have questions on our work, or would like to learn how you could invest alongside us, please contact us.

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