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CFT partners with nonprofits to develop solutions to key challenges in our community

Since 1953, Communities Foundation of Texas has been connecting donors with nonprofits in North Texas. CFT helps nonprofits carry out important work by awarding grants, forging community partnerships and educating community philanthropists and partners about the organizations that are most aligned with their charitable interests. CFT offers expert guidance and a wide array of solutions designed to ensure your organization's financial sustainability. As your trusted partner, we manage endowments and agency funds. We also offer meeting space and provide seminars and networking opportunities to nonprofits. 



Nonprofit Agency Funds

Nonprofit Agency Funds at Communities Foundation of Texas (CFT) provide a simple and efficient way to build an endowment or a reserve — and help create sustainability — for nonprofit organizations.

Our staff also can help your organization develop planned giving programs and assist with investment management and administrative details.


Fiscal Year 2021 Grants Paid by Fund Source

Fiscal Year 2021 Grants Paid by Fund Source

Since our inception in 1953, we have made more than $2 billion in grants to support education, health care, public safety, social services, animals and the arts – touching nearly all aspects of life in our community.

In the 2021 fiscal year, we awarded grants totaling $137 million. A breakdown of how the grants were invested is shown below, which includes donor-advised, designated and community impact grants. The only way to apply for funding from our donor-advised funds, nonprofit agency funds, Caruth fund, community impact and discretionary funds is through the grant opportunities that are listed on the Apply for Grant page of this website. 

Total Grants Paid for Fiscal Year 2021: $137 million


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Helping people to do the most good in our community is what CFT does best.

Nonprofits strengthen our community and having a great community doesn’t just happen. Communities Foundation of Texas is committed to helping you thrive.

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