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We’re Furthering Family Values

Ann and Taoreed Badmus are engaged in philanthropy individually and now as a family through their fund at CFT.
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We wanted to involve our children in our charitable giving plans beyond our lifetime from the very beginning.
- Dr. Taoreed, CFT fundholder
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Ann and Taoreed Badmus have been engaged in philanthropy individually, as a couple, and now as a family through the Dr. Taoreed and Ann Massey Badmus Charitable Fund at CFT. “We wanted to involve our children in our charitable giving plans beyond our lifetime from the very beginning,” said Taoreed.

They had initially discussed establishing a private foundation to manage their philanthropy, planning to eventually pass that on to their children, but discovered they could have a fund in their family name at CFT to accomplish their charitable goals — with the added value of the guidance and resources of CFT, and without the administrative work.

“Once we learned about donor-advised funds at CFT, we knew that partnering with their team of experts would align with what we were hoping to achieve. It’s really supported and strengthened our giving philosophy,” said Taoreed.

The Badmuses participated in CFT’s GiveWisely program together as a family. “GiveWisely gave us an opportunity to come together around giving. We learned a lot about our kids and their unique and overlapping passions by going through the values-based exercises. It was a great experience to bond us in ways we hadn’t thought of before, and have us focus as a family on causes we care about,” said Ann. “There are many worthy causes, so being able to focus and know what’s most important to us as a family and being able to align that with the charitable giving we do has been really meaningful.”

“We discovered a lot of common interest areas as a family, such as social justice and equity, but we also give our three children the opportunity to fund their own individual charitable interests through our family fund at CFT. There are so many causes that we believe in, and if we believe in them, we should give to them to further their mission,” said Ann. The family recent made grants through their fund as part of North Texas Giving Day, noting that the nonprofits they selected for funding were aligned with the family values they had established in CFT’s GiveWisely program.

“There are so many opportunities to learn and engage when you partner with CFT, whether it’s information about effective nonprofits, support in vetting nonprofits, their family philanthropy resources or the variety of issue-focused events they host. There’s something for all of us, as far as causes that we care about, and the staff are truly here to help,” said Ann.


Elizabeth Liser, CAP<sup>®</sup>
Elizabeth Liser, CAP®
Senior Donor Engagement Specialist

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