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Please see below for a heartwarming story from Maria, an Operation Santa Claus box recipient.

I want to share with you about my experience with Operation Santa Claus. It involves my whole family really. While both my husband and I have worked full time jobs, we struggled. When there are several children at home, it is hard making ends meet anytime of the year. During the Christmas season, it is especially difficult to fulfill their hopes and needs.

I remember that years ago a family friend told us about Operation Santa Claus. It was such a relief to hear about an organization which we qualified for. It was wonderful for my kids to receive toys and gifts appropriate for their age and gender. It was so nice! Did I mention there was also food in our Operation Santa Claus box? It was a real blessing to us!

Now that I look back, I realize just how much work goes into preparing for Operation Santa Claus. This is the first year my family will not need to fill out an application. However, that is not the case for many families in town. So many children and their parents are in need. That is why supporting Operation Santa Claus is so important. I have only begun to volunteer my time for this cause, but I plan to continue to pay it forward.  Everyone deserves a helping hand and a Merry Christmas as well!

Please see below for a heartwarming story from the Trammell brothers, Operation Santa Claus supporters.

James and Jack Trammell, members of the Palacios Boy Scout Troop 144, have donated close to twenty-five community service hours to Palacios Area Fund and Operation Santa over the past three years. As part of their requirements to receive the Citizenship in the Community Eagle merit badge, they chose Operation Santa Claus as a recipient for their efforts. The brothers set a goal to raise $250 as well as collect toys to donate to Operation Santa Claus. James and Jake ended up with a total of $450 which they used for shopping to purchase gifts for teenagers and young adults. At the end of their project, they were able to donate close to one hundred gift items that helped to fill the wish lists of many kids their age.


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