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Amazon's “Surprise and Delight Days” Deliver Smiles

September 21, 2021

CFT’s NTX Giving Day and Amazon present nonprofits with surprise deliveries


The season of giving is here! Communities Foundation of Texas’ NTX Giving Day is on September 23, and to prepare, team members from CFT and Amazon presented dozens of nonprofits across the metroplex with gift baskets to launch their fundraising campaign. Each gift basket was specially curated for the organizations based on their needs. Every nonprofit that was gifted a basket is participating in this year’s NTX Giving Day and each is invested in giving back to their community and changing lives in North Texas.

These five nonprofits received gift baskets in July (listed in order of their deliveries): For Oak Cliff, Heritage Oak Cliff, Voice of Hope MinistriesArtstillery, and Hunger Busters.
When surprised with their gift basket, they were asked two questions: “What makes you smile about NTX Giving Day?” and “What makes you smile about your community?”

Read their impactful and inspiring answers below.

For Oak Cliff

Founded in 2015, For Oak Cliff has a mission to end systemic oppression, create a culture of education, and increase social mobility and social capital. For Oak Cliff empowers their community through supporting efforts in education, advocacy, community building, and art.
What makes you smile about NTX Giving Day?
“I love getting the opportunity to share with the broader community the work we’re doing here and getting to see other folks invested and supporting us.” Julianna Bradley, Resource Coordinator
What makes you smile about your community?
“Everything. The people, our elders, everybody in between. I love the energy and pride in our community.” Xavier Henderson, Director of Strategy
Pictured: NTX Giving Day staff, Amazon staff, and For Oak Cliff team.

Heritage Oak Cliff

Heritage Oak Cliff has been promoting the diversity and beauty of neighborhoods in Dallas since 1975. Heritage Oak Cliff is passionate about neighborhood conservation, beautification and preservation projects and other projects that enhance the character and charm of the area.
What makes you smile about NTX Giving Day?
“Meeting all the other nonprofits and going to their sites is always my favorite. I love giving in-person and seeing what’s happening with each of the nonprofits.” Mike Matthews, Chair of Fund-Raising Committee
What makes you smile about your community?
“The diversity. West Dallas is like a mosaic, every time I turn around it’s different. It’s beautiful.”  Trudy Newton, Chair of Special Events Committee
Pictured: NTX Giving Day staff, Amazon staff, and Heritage Oak Cliff team.

Voice of Hope Ministries

Voice of Hope Ministries’ mission is to nurture and train children through Biblical teaching, Christian character models, life skills coaching and educational support. Voice of Hope has grown to serve over 300 children daily through their after-school program and Summer Day Camp. 
What makes you smile about NTX Giving Day?
“I really appreciate it and it makes me smile, that there are people out there advocating for the general nonprofit space and for the need for smart, focused philanthropy in our communities.” Craig Panza, Chief Financial and Development Officer
What makes you smile about your community?
“I think West Dallas is an encapsulation of the city as a whole. It makes me smile that we get to be part of a larger thing that's going on and we’re making a difference there.” Craig Panza, Chief Financial and Development Officer
Pictured: NTX Giving Day staff, Amazon staff, and Voice of Hope Ministries team.


Artstillery gives a voice to those who have none by creating collaborative performances centered around issues of racial, cultural, and social injustice. These stories are outsourced from the community and combined with mixed media for a completely immersive performance. 
What makes you smile about NTX Giving Day?
“Seeing our growth within the community on NTX Giving Day. We had people advocating for us last year watching our goal, and every time they thought we wouldn't reach our goal, they went in and they put in more money. So that was such a remarkable experience for the whole team to watch.” Ilknur Ozgur, Founder
What makes you smile about your community?
“Everything. My relationship to the community feels very different and grounded and rooted. And so what makes me smile is when members of the community come and watch us uplift their voice. Coming from Chicago, I didn’t know if I was going to be able to find a community where I felt welcome but I found that here in West Dallas. When I found that, I was able to call Dallas home.” Ilknur Ozgur, Founder

Pictured: NTX Giving Day staff, Amazon staff, and Artstillery team.

Hunger Busters

Hunger Busters is a Dallas-based charity focused on feeding kids and fueling futures. They do this by providing meals to food-insecure children in the Dallas Independent School District  through their “Feed the Need” after-school program.
What makes you smile about NTX Giving Day?
“The reach.” Trey Hoobler, CEO
What makes you smile about your community?
“The amount of macro support that we’ve received during the pandemic.” Trey Hoobler, CEO
Pictured: NTX Giving Day staff, Amazon staff, and Hunger Busters team.
The reach and support that Trey Hoobler mentions was evident during 2020’s record-breaking NTX Giving Day. Despite being at the apex of a global pandemic, NTX Giving Day was able to raise over $58 million to 3,000 nonprofits in North Texas with donors worldwide. 
Since its inception in 2009, this online event has transformed from an idea to help local people give wisely, to a movement that has ignited a broad culture of community-wide giving. During NTX Giving Day, everyone has the opportunity to be a philanthropist to build a stronger and more vibrant community. 
It's not too late to be a part of NTX Giving Day's early giving! Browse our database of nonprofits and schedule your gift today, or make a plan for celebrating and giving with us on Thursday, September 23 for our 13th annual NTX Giving Day! 

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